Sunday, February 1, 2015

“Open House…a Grand Success January 24, 2014”

Congratulations Goldminers on an amazing turn out for our Open House!  Whether you were able to grace us with your presence or away keeping us lifted in your thoughts and prayers, your energy was appreciated near and far! The bright stars that were present helping the Goldmine to shine were:  Matthew Charity, Janice Silver, Phyllis Kombol, Jennifer Asaro, Gerry Fenner, Dana Mich’elle, Al Minter, Serena Edwards, Joyce Preston, Sam Mullis, Sonny Tolbert, and Jerry Weikle. 

Our meeting was called to order at 8:40 a.m., giving our guests time to get settled.  With a smile on his face, Matthew Charity called the meeting to order as our Presiding Officer.  He presented us with an inspiring thought of the day: Every day is a new beginning; treat it that way! He then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, and introduced our seasoned Toastmaster of the meeting, the lovely Jennifer Asaro.

Jennifer called on Sonny Tolbert, our hilarious Jokemaster, followed by our astute Grammarian, Janice Silver, who brought us the word of the day: Transformation! Gerry Fenner generously filled the role as Ballot Counter and explained her role concerning the Ah Bell! She gave us a taste of what it sounds like, when during the meeting she hit the bell, while trying to peel a banana! With all eyes on Gerry, she let go of the banana, and probably wished time would move along faster.  Perhaps, Dana Mich’elle could have helped her out, as she graciously served as our Timer.

Jennifer introduced the energetic Phyllis Kombol as our Table Topics Master, who presented three questions to our Table Topics Participants.  Serena Edwards (who cried when first asked to speak years ago, and now can stand toe-to-toe with the best of them) was asked, “How did Toastmasters change your life?”  Al Minter (our well-seasoned yet humble Toastmaster) was asked, “If you met up with someone you hadn't seen in a while, how would today’s meeting be part of you telling them how Toastmasters changed your life?” Both speakers gave insightful and impactful answers!  Though, ultimately it was Steve Boyles who won the Best Table Topics Award, as he painted a vivid and lively picture for us in his answer to the question, “What would happen if you woke up transformed with long purple hair?”  Congratulations Steve!

Our guest speaker Jeff Ireland gave a wonderful 20 minute speech on “Clearing the Fog.”  Very powerful and inspiring! In the end, he challenged us to tweak one phrase in our vocabulary: Change, “I have to” to “I get to!”  This definitely helps to transform how we see things, thanks Jeff!

Next, our evaluators, the jovial Joyce Preston, along with our personal Santa, Sam Mullis, gave Jeff valuable feedback, as we wrapped up the meeting with our drawing.  Congratulations to our winners: Diana Soudy and Barney Barnum!

Thanks to past Governors: Ken Miller and Bryan Walsh for coming out and supporting Goldmine.  Thanks also, to our many guests Joyce O’Neal, Linda Schmickle, Steve Boyles, Barney Barnum, Kayla Ireland, Arlene Ireland, Brett Freeman, Kim Jackson, Tracy McGriff, Deneen Marshall, Pat McDonough, Robin Pope, Glenda Edwards, and Diana Soudy.

Many thanks to our sponsors: Chick-fil-a, Harris Teeter, Olive Gardens, T.G.I. Friday, Sysco Food, and Union Bistro. Thank you to all of our guests and sponsors, you are greatly appreciated; you helped to make our Open House a grand success!

Peace, Blessings, Love & Light,
~Dana Mich'elle~

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  1. This was another outstanding Goldmine event. Thanks to our Goldmine leaders for putting this together