Friday, January 16, 2015

When the Cat's Away Jan. 10, 2015

When the cat’s away…Goldmine officers were away at training event on January 10, so there was a small group at the Goldmine: Sam, John, Jerry, Sonny, Paul, Phyllis...and repeat guest Joyce.  Jerry started our meeting with a thought about how without winter there would be no spring, and without adversity, no joy. Paul jumped right in with funny little story.
Toastmaster of the Day Sam said "Let's just do all Table Topics" which went very well. Every Goldmine member participated with impromptu speeches of 1-2 minutes:
·       Jerry told of a favorite story/experience from childhood; he was spanked "with a flower"
·       Paul imagined a new experience of riding on a speedboat, maybe as a natural progression from his motorcycle
·       John chose his great grandfather as the person from the past he most wanted to ask questions; he was in the Civil War, perhaps part of Pickens’ Charge
·       Sonny’s choice of a field or profession he might like to try was “Great Communicator” (he aspires to being paid to talk)
·       Sam, as a professional artist would choose to make money drawing in black and white
·       Phyllis remembered a childhood pastime of looking at the world a different way, upside down in her child-sized red rocking chair (winner).
Phyllis served as the Table Topics Master (pulling questions from the Chat Pack box), Paul was timer, Sonny grammarian, Jerry Ah bell/Ballot counter, and John General Evaluator.
We had fun!

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