Friday, December 5, 2014

November 29, 2014 Goldmine prepares for winter!

“Are you ready for winter?” our TMOD Thomas asked. Throughout the meeting, he elicited responses for what types of things might be important to have in your car, for example, to be prepared for winter. Jerry’s Thought of the Day included some suspicion that winter is nature’s way of saying “Up Yours!” Serena shared snowman jokes. Grammarian Georgia explained the word of the day “satiate” and enticed several people to use it, while she also served as timer.
Phyllis asked members to be prepared for being unprepared in Table Topics.  Slips of paper with a verb, animal, color, number, and place were randomly selected with the help of Thomas.  Members were asked to combine all the words into their response. As a result, John told a tender story of going to the mall and eventually (865 fit in there) picked the perfect black dog, Scooter. Matthew reminisced at 42 about the green forest where he and friends played when they we too young to shop, but that one friend outshone all the others with his llama coat. Joyce told joining a choir in ’79 with blue, mountain, & sleep being words from the songs they sang.

Prepared speeches included Janice’s Ice Breaker about her “Colorful Life,” starting in urban Baltimore with 11 siblings (6 girls and half dozen of the other), which seemed to have surprised even her mother, who had been an only child.  She moved to Roanoke Rapids as a young pastor’s wife, but now finds herself “in the country” in Kannapolis, but is delighted to be closer to her daughter in Greensboro. She shared some of the shades of gray in her life: times of darkness, pitfalls, challenges, and death, contrasting with joyful yellows, royal blue, gold, purple, and iridescent green (for her daughter Princess Kim). Her descriptions of these colors in her life were reinforced by her colorful clothing, and she was quite convincing as she told us of her son-in-law who is a great father of the 3 most handsome, intelligent grandsons in the world.

Serena ably used technology of PowerPoint to share the Better Speaker Series topic on body language which gave us all a great refresher on the finer points and rationales for the use of facial expressions, gestures, and whole body movements to attract and keep audience attention, enhance credibility, express emotion, and create connection.

General Evaluator John organized the evaluation part of the meeting, with Joyce and Matthew evaluating Janice and Serena respectively.

Presiding officer Matthew led a short business meeting (*see below), than called on our ah bell and ballot counter Jerry, who awarded Best Seaker to Janice, Best Table Topic AND Best Evaluator BOTH to Joyce.  

We adjourned at 9:58 (Isn’t that some kind of record?)
 *decision to be made/announced next week about new dues structure our move to Connect Christian Church will allow us to make.  Quarterly club dues are due this month, except for the 4 who are prepaid (Phyllis, John, Sonny, Joyce).

*Distinguished Club program update provided by VP-Education Joyce:
For goals #1 & 2: 1 CC done (need 3 more, several people are close)
Goal # 3: Advanced communication: we have 1
Need another Advanced award for Goal 4…Matthew just completed his AC Silver!
Leadership awards for goals #5 & 6 are completed
#7 we need 2 more new members (Goal #8 is 4 MORE new members)
#9 training will be complete if at least 4 officers attend TLI in January (scheduled for January 10 at  Grace Covenant Church in Cornelius; registration will open December 1…club will pay for officers, all welcome – it costs only $8 and several members commented that they’d attended before taking officer roles
Goal #10 is complete (officer lists and dues to TI paid on time)

* Phyllis reminded the group about the opportunity to judge Cabarrus Soil and Water Conservation student speech contest 7 PM on Tues Dec. 9 (Matthew is planning to go; Dana is also a possibility, with Phyllis as possible backup if needed).

This blog post prepared by Phyllis, who will be updating out new site info on FaceBook and MeetUp, asking members to “like,” converse, comment.