Friday, November 21, 2014

Meeting for November 15, 2014

Today's meeting was called to order at 8:30 am by presiding officer Matthew Charity. He welcomed guest Ken McCoy to the meeting and introduced Jerry Weikle, who gave the Thought of the day.

Toastmaster, Joyce Preston, took control of the meeting and introduced the theme: Tips to Tolerate Family. Roles were explained as follows: Jokemaster: Phyllis Kombol, Wordmaster: Gerry Fenner, Ah Bell/ Ballot Counter: Sonny Tolbert, and Timer: Janice Silver.

Table Topic Master, Sharon Semidey, gave four members and guest, Ken McCoy, cards to choose from that had great topics to respond to. Phyllis Kombol read, "Who's the best practical joker you know?" Jennifer Asaro's question was, "If one of your friends moved in, who would it be?" "What are your goals for the next five years?" was Ken McCoy's question. "Life!" was Dana Michelle's answer to the question, "What would your free advertisement be about?" Jerry Weikle then told what was the funniest story he'd ever heard.

The prepared speakers had our attention with two great speeches. Matthew Charity told how he would "Communicate A Vision" and Sam Mullis, using visual aids, explained how "Electricity Can Become Clean Energy" Al Minter evaluated Matthew Charity's speech, and John Shepherd evaluated Sam Mullis' speech.

General Evaluator, Jennifer Asaro, invited Gerry Fenner to give her report for the Word Of The Day, (facetious). Jennifer concluded the meeting with her overall evaluation of the meeting. Afterward, she gave control of the meeting back to presiding officer, Matthew Charity. Matthew invited Ken to comment on the meeting. Any news and comments from members were welcomed also.

On the business side:  
*  TLC training will be Jan 10th, 2015. 
*  Officer meeting postpone until November 22. 
*  Club's newest member, Jennifer Asaro, was officially inducted into the Goldmine Toastmasters.
*  Next week's agenda roles reviewed.

Ah Bell/ Ballot Counter, Sonny Tolbert, had the honor of presenting the Ah Stick and Communication Awards. Winners: Best Table Topics: Dana Michelle; Best Speaker: Sam Mullis; Best Evaluator: John Shepherd; and the Ah Stick went to Matthew Charity.
Meeting adjourned at 10:00 am.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Meeting on November 1, 2014

We had eight members and no guests this day, as Sam Mullis was our Toastmaster. The theme of the day was "Technology Impact." Sam shared some technology (industrial) facts with us. Janice shared a thought and Sharon Semidey stepped in at the last minute to share a joke.

Jerry Weikle took on dual roles of Wordmaster and Ah Bell/Ballot Counter. Sonny Tolbert was timer and Serena Edwards led the Table Topics. The theme was "technology words" and had the following members pick out three words and use all of them PLUS the word of the day, "capricious," in their response.
  • Al Minter: download, unzip, microchip
  • Janice Silver: QWERTY, database, domain
  • Jerry Weikle: megahertz, cybetspace, wavelength
  • Sonny Tolbert: safemode, digital, wireless
  • Sharon Semidey: multimedia, virus, internet
Speakers included Dana Michelle who gave her 6th speech from the CC manual, titled "How Badly Do You Want It?" and Sonny Tolbert who spoke from the advanced manual, Interpersonal Communication, Project #4, titled "The Coach." Al Minter evaluated Dana's speech and Janice (her first evaluation) evaluated Sonny's speech.

Sonny also doubled as General Evaluator and led the evaluation portion of the meeting. Serena Edwards took over as Presiding Officer with the district conference in Greensboro that weekend. Business meeting: Reminder to turn in member interest surveys and announcement of possible new location at Connect Christian Church (will be visiting it next week).

Winners for the day:
Best Table Topic: Jerry
Best Speaker: Dana
Best Evaluator: Al
Ah Stick: Sonny