Friday, August 15, 2014

Toastmaster's Meeting August 9th, 2014

Today's meeting of the Goldmine Toastmasters started at 8:30 am with twelve members and one guest in attendance. Presiding officer Matthew Charity called the meeting to order, welcomed guests, and called on Georgia Carlton to bring the thought of the day. After the Pledge of Allegiance, Georgia Carlton had the honor of introducing Thomas Kombol as Toastmaster for the meeting. Thomas announced program changes and called on those with assigned roles.

Jokemaster, Gerry Fenner, tickled our funny bones; Grammarian,Georgia Carlton, gave the word of the day (impugn), encouraging members to use it throughout the meeting. Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, Sharon Davis, explained her role, and Matthew Charity explained his role as Timer. The toastmaster then introduced  Table Topics Master, Al Minter.

"Space: Our Surroundings" was the theme for Table Topics and the participants. Eugene Preston was asked if he was first to set foot on Mars, what would he see? "Big red gum" was his reply. Sam Mullis told us what he thinks about while looking up in the night sky. Guest Steven Jorden spoke about his favorite heavenly body. Dana Michelle's favorite thing about planet earth was the variety of people here, and how we all come together as one. Jerry Weikle concluded the table topics with what he sees traveling at the speed of light in a space craft.

The speakers for today's meeting were Eugene Preston and  Sam Mullis. Eugene's objective for his speech was to inspire his audience with lessons from "Number 17: Cherry Tree Lane." Sam Mullis' speech was entitled "Ring The Bells." He spoke from the Competent Communication manual: effective speech organization.

General Evaluator, Jerry Weikle, called upon John Shepherd to evaluate Eugene Preston's speech and Serena Edwards to evaluate the speech by Sam Mullis. Georgia Carlton gave her grammarian report of the usage of the word of the day, followed by the general evaluator's overall evaluation of the meeting. Control of the meeting was given back to Presiding Officer, Matthew Charity, who then invited guests to comment on the meeting. Members were asked to comment and share news with the club.

Business News:
  • We are kicking off the Smedley Award contest, from now until Sept. 30. If we get five new members by Sept. 30th, Goldmine will receive a ribbon to display on our banner and 10 percent off our next club order. Bring a guest with you for the next month and half!
  • Upcoming Fall Conference  to be held in Greensboro, NC Oct 31st-Nov 2nd. We need someone to coordinate our and Club Pride Basket for the event. 
  • Reviewed agenda roles for next week's meeting.

Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, Sharon Davis, handed out the best Table Topic Award to Dana Michelle, the Best Speaker Award to Sam Mullis, the Best Evaluator Award to John Shepherd, and the Ah Stick  to Thomas Kombol. Meeting adjourned at 10:00 am.

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