Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Toastmaster's Meeting August 2nd ,2014

"Simplify Your Life" was the theme for this Goldmine meeting which started promptly at 8:30 am. Presiding officer Matthew Charity called the meeting to order,  welcomed guests, and introduced Sam Mullis to give us the thought  of  the  day. Human  Dignity. Don't lose it!  

Sam  kept the meeting  flowing smoothly by introducing  the lady of  the hour, Joyce Preston  as Toastmaster. Joyce simplified the meeting by announcing  program changes, and then called on the assigned roles. 

Jokemaster; Sam Mullis,  Grammarian: Matthew  Charity, Ah bell/ballot counter: Gerry Fenner, and Timer: Sonny Tolbert.

The next part of the meeting is where members and guests (optional) are called upon to do some quick thinking with questions asked  by the Table Topic Master: Phyllis Kombol. Three members and a guest were put on the hot seat. Jerry Weikle talked about brushing his teeth as a waste of time. Sharon Davis simplified her life by limiting her time to those who mattered most. Guest Steven Jorden told us what he loved to do that wasn't a waste of time.  Eugene Preston  ended the topics with what he does that is a waste of his time; playing games electronically. Next,  TM Joyce Preston introduced the two speakers for the meeting, Shyam Nayaran and Al Minter. Shyam took  us inside an executive meeting. We all felt we were right there  in the mist of the officers. Al spoke from the Competent Communication manual, "How to say it." He left us with some food for thought: What will be our next Transformation? 
General  Evaluator  Sonny Tolbert then  called upon Eugene Preston to evaluate Shyam's speech, and Jerry Weikle to evaluate Al's speech. Grammarian Matthew Charity was asked to give his report  and  Sonny Tolbert gave his overall evaluation of  the meeting.  Control of the meeting was then turned back over to the presiding officer Matthew Charity who invited comments and news from guests and members. Business and agenda roles for  next  week were reviewed.  

Ah bell/ballot counter Gerry Fenner  presented  the ah stick and communication awards which were as follows,  Best table topics: Eugene Preston, best speaker: Al Minter, best evaluator: Jerry weikle, and the ah stick went to Matthew Charity. Meeting adjourned at 10:00 am.

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