Friday, August 1, 2014

July 26 Meeting

Al Minter, Sergeant At Arms, started the meeting today, calling up our newly elected president, Matthew Charity. He introduced the Thought of the Day presenter, Serena Edwards who shared a thought, lead the pledge and introduced the Toastmaster, who happened to be Matthew Charity.

Today's theme was: Fact or Fiction. Matthew shared some scenarios and asked those in attendance if we thought it was "fact" or "fiction." We got some of them right and some of them wrong! Sonny told us a joke as Jokemaster. Jay Johnson stepped in at the last moment as Grammarian (word of the day: "antithesis"). Al Minter was the Ah Bell/Ballot Counter and Sonny switched with Sam to be the Timer.

Joyce Preston led the Table Topics portion as Table Topics Master, giving some cool quotes for unsuspecting members/guests to expound upon:
  • "Knowledge is power" went to: Serena Edwards
  • "Focus 90% of your time on solutions, and 10% on problems": Jay Johnson
  • "Success is liking yourself, what you do and how you do it": Sonny Tolbert
  • "Adversity does teach you who your real friends are": Steven Jordan (2nd time guest)
  • "Learning to ignore things is one of the greatest paths to inner peace": Al Minter
Our prepared speakers included Kemp Edwards who did his icebreaker speech, "Who I Am: More Than Cerebral Palsy" from the Competent Communicator manual, speech#1. Also speaking was Paul Junior, whose speech "Production of Videography" also came from the CC manual, speech #2.

John Shepherd led our evaluation portion of the meeting as General Evaluator, introducing our evaluators: Sam Mullis who evaluated Kemp's speech, and Jerry Weikle who evaluated Paul's speech.

Today's Winners:
Table Topics: Al Minter
Speaker: Kemp Edwards
Evaluator: Sam Mullis
Ah Stick: Paul Junior

During the business portion of the meeting, Kemp shared a card from Millie Hall, the recipient of the 2014 Communication and Leadership Award. Announcements: Fall Conference in Greensboro Oct 31-Nov 2, and upcoming Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests.

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