Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 23, 2014's Dozen Goldminers

Goldmine’s August 23, 2014 dozen were called to order by President Matthew Charity who also served a timer for the meeting.  We started with a bonus thought from local optometrist, Downtown Kannapolis Inc. and Rotary activist Eric Atkinson who described an opportunity for what he called a “Bridging Event” between community groups coming in September.  There is a plan to have free CPR education taught by the local fire dept. following one of our meetings (probably after the meeting Sept. 13 or 27), from 11-1  at the Rotary Hall.  Notify Phyllis Kombol if you would like to be one the 20 participants (she will send info back to Eric). This has potential to become a quarterly activity.

Before introducing Georgia Carlton as our Toastmaster of the Day, our own John Shepherd offered this thought: Worry is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere.

Since Georgia selected the theme “for the love of cheese,” Thomas Kombol’s joke described the results of an explosion at a French cheese factory: debris/the brie was everywhere!  Georgia explained her theme’s relationship to being a cheese-head (fan of the Packers) and shared factoids about the history of cheese, amount consumed, and common pairing with beef in the US. 

Table Topics master Kemp Edwards called on Thomas to explain how smart people are not necessarily wise, which he thought might happen if overthinking decreased spontaneity.  Sonny Tolbert used his changeable work situation in his response to “You are a piece of paper. How will you be used before being recycled?” John told us why he would consider changing his name to a variety of things (Mr. Ducks, Buck, Chip, Rocky, Handsome) before settling on “Matthew” since that is the first Gospel. Our Canadian guest with local history and connections, Kim Carlton (lovely mom to the lovely Georgia), was our Best Table Topics winner with her comments on what the problems of being rich might be, though she claimed not to be thinking about monetary riches when she shared that she is rich with both a large local family and as part of the huge historical family of the infamous Genghis Kahn! Kemp also challenged General Evaluator Phyllis to tell about “the worst experience ever” which she imagined would be the absence of Goldmine Toastmasters.

Our Ah bell and ballot counter Joyce did not have to be a real prophet to be vatic about the winner of our best speaker and evaluator awards.  Our best (sole) speaker was Serena Edwards who treated us to an oratorical presentation of the Sermon on the Mount to fulfill project #5 in the Interpretive reading manual. Her astute best evaluator was Al Minter.

As Grammarian, John who had introduced vatic as our word of the day, reported about its use along with some other comments about what he noticed about our use of the language.

During the business meeting, Joyce recruited participants for the upcoming Humorous and Evaluation contest expected to be held in place of our regular meeting Sept. 13. Please contact her or Dana Michelle, our contest chair, if you are interested in participating.  We discussed some perspectives on Goldmine’s status and membership, along with some ideas for advocacy. We’re going for the Smedley award which we will receive if we have 5 new members by Sept. 30.  Discussion was to be continued in the officer meeting which followed our regular meeting. 

We also received the sad news that Sam Mullis’ wife, Sheila is hospitalized at Duke with recurrence of her cancer. 

Serena will be out Toastmaster for the coming Saturday.

At the end of the day, Thomas took home the Ah stick as the meeting was adjourned at 10.

Today's blogger was Phyllis Kombol.

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