Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 23, 2014's Dozen Goldminers

Goldmine’s August 23, 2014 dozen were called to order by President Matthew Charity who also served a timer for the meeting.  We started with a bonus thought from local optometrist, Downtown Kannapolis Inc. and Rotary activist Eric Atkinson who described an opportunity for what he called a “Bridging Event” between community groups coming in September.  There is a plan to have free CPR education taught by the local fire dept. following one of our meetings (probably after the meeting Sept. 13 or 27), from 11-1  at the Rotary Hall.  Notify Phyllis Kombol if you would like to be one the 20 participants (she will send info back to Eric). This has potential to become a quarterly activity.

Before introducing Georgia Carlton as our Toastmaster of the Day, our own John Shepherd offered this thought: Worry is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere.

Since Georgia selected the theme “for the love of cheese,” Thomas Kombol’s joke described the results of an explosion at a French cheese factory: debris/the brie was everywhere!  Georgia explained her theme’s relationship to being a cheese-head (fan of the Packers) and shared factoids about the history of cheese, amount consumed, and common pairing with beef in the US. 

Table Topics master Kemp Edwards called on Thomas to explain how smart people are not necessarily wise, which he thought might happen if overthinking decreased spontaneity.  Sonny Tolbert used his changeable work situation in his response to “You are a piece of paper. How will you be used before being recycled?” John told us why he would consider changing his name to a variety of things (Mr. Ducks, Buck, Chip, Rocky, Handsome) before settling on “Matthew” since that is the first Gospel. Our Canadian guest with local history and connections, Kim Carlton (lovely mom to the lovely Georgia), was our Best Table Topics winner with her comments on what the problems of being rich might be, though she claimed not to be thinking about monetary riches when she shared that she is rich with both a large local family and as part of the huge historical family of the infamous Genghis Kahn! Kemp also challenged General Evaluator Phyllis to tell about “the worst experience ever” which she imagined would be the absence of Goldmine Toastmasters.

Our Ah bell and ballot counter Joyce did not have to be a real prophet to be vatic about the winner of our best speaker and evaluator awards.  Our best (sole) speaker was Serena Edwards who treated us to an oratorical presentation of the Sermon on the Mount to fulfill project #5 in the Interpretive reading manual. Her astute best evaluator was Al Minter.

As Grammarian, John who had introduced vatic as our word of the day, reported about its use along with some other comments about what he noticed about our use of the language.

During the business meeting, Joyce recruited participants for the upcoming Humorous and Evaluation contest expected to be held in place of our regular meeting Sept. 13. Please contact her or Dana Michelle, our contest chair, if you are interested in participating.  We discussed some perspectives on Goldmine’s status and membership, along with some ideas for advocacy. We’re going for the Smedley award which we will receive if we have 5 new members by Sept. 30.  Discussion was to be continued in the officer meeting which followed our regular meeting. 

We also received the sad news that Sam Mullis’ wife, Sheila is hospitalized at Duke with recurrence of her cancer. 

Serena will be out Toastmaster for the coming Saturday.

At the end of the day, Thomas took home the Ah stick as the meeting was adjourned at 10.

Today's blogger was Phyllis Kombol.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Toastmaster's Meeting August 16th, 2014

Today's meeting really defined the word "Goldminers" as we united to put the meeting together. With 8 members present and 13 roles to fill, multiple roles for a few of the members were inevitable.

Presiding Officer Matthew Charity called the meeting to order at 8:37 am. Guest Lessie Ann received a warm welcome, followed by the Thought Of The Day presenter Dana Michelle. Before introducing our Toastmaster, Sonny Tolbert, Dana gave us some words of wisdom to think about. "Sit back and relax; it's not a waste of time."

Toastmaster Sonny Tolbert announced program changes. John Shepherd defined his role as Wordmaster. Timer Eugene Preston made sure the meeting stayed on task. Matthew Charity made us laugh as Jokemaster, defined his role as Ah Bell/ Ballot Counter, and gave several members summer time topics to think about as the Table Topic Master.

Table Topic participant John Shepherd was asked to tell us what was his most memorable summer as a teenager. He told about the summer of 1964 at Crab Tree Falls. Sonny Tolbert picked Alaska as his choice for a state he would like to go to, but never been to before. His dog was Eugene Preston's answer when asked if he could spend his summer vacation with anyone in the world,who would it be with?

Because of lack of funds, stay-at-home vacationer, Dana Michelle said she would just hang out at the Great Wolf Lodge with the family. And Gerry Fenner said kids today don't have a clue as to what it was like to have fun as the baby boomers of the 60's and 70's.

Toastmaster Sonny Tolbert introduced today's speakers. Phyllis Kombol spoke from the Interpretive Reading manual, Project 4, titled, "The Play: Flowers For Algernon." Joyce Preston's speech, entitled "It's Time," was about menopausal women should have their very own driving lane. John Shepherd, General Evaluator, introduced Gerry Fenner to evaluate  Phyllis Kombol's speech and Dana Michelle to evaluate Joyce Preston's speech.

John Shepherd continued to give his grammarian report, as well as his overall evaluation of the meeting. Control of the meeting was given back to Presiding Officer, Matthew Charity, who invited guest to comment on the meeting, then ask for members comments and news.

Business Report: 
  • A friendly reminder to start and end meetings on time and welcome comments from visitors.
  • Member Phyllis Kombol will send out emails with information about a program to test multiple videotaping of evaluations.
  • Dana Michelle will be Chair Person and Eugene Preston will be Contest Master for upcoming  Club Contest to be held in September. 
  • Agenda roles reviewed for next week's meeting.
  • Ah Bell/Ballot Counter Matthew Charity presented the awards.
Best Table Topic went to Gerry Fenner. Best Prepared Speaker: Phyllis Kombol. Best Evaluator: Dana Michelle, and the Ah stick went to Joyce Preston.  Meeting adjourned at 10:00am.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Toastmaster's Meeting August 9th, 2014

Today's meeting of the Goldmine Toastmasters started at 8:30 am with twelve members and one guest in attendance. Presiding officer Matthew Charity called the meeting to order, welcomed guests, and called on Georgia Carlton to bring the thought of the day. After the Pledge of Allegiance, Georgia Carlton had the honor of introducing Thomas Kombol as Toastmaster for the meeting. Thomas announced program changes and called on those with assigned roles.

Jokemaster, Gerry Fenner, tickled our funny bones; Grammarian,Georgia Carlton, gave the word of the day (impugn), encouraging members to use it throughout the meeting. Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, Sharon Davis, explained her role, and Matthew Charity explained his role as Timer. The toastmaster then introduced  Table Topics Master, Al Minter.

"Space: Our Surroundings" was the theme for Table Topics and the participants. Eugene Preston was asked if he was first to set foot on Mars, what would he see? "Big red gum" was his reply. Sam Mullis told us what he thinks about while looking up in the night sky. Guest Steven Jorden spoke about his favorite heavenly body. Dana Michelle's favorite thing about planet earth was the variety of people here, and how we all come together as one. Jerry Weikle concluded the table topics with what he sees traveling at the speed of light in a space craft.

The speakers for today's meeting were Eugene Preston and  Sam Mullis. Eugene's objective for his speech was to inspire his audience with lessons from "Number 17: Cherry Tree Lane." Sam Mullis' speech was entitled "Ring The Bells." He spoke from the Competent Communication manual: effective speech organization.

General Evaluator, Jerry Weikle, called upon John Shepherd to evaluate Eugene Preston's speech and Serena Edwards to evaluate the speech by Sam Mullis. Georgia Carlton gave her grammarian report of the usage of the word of the day, followed by the general evaluator's overall evaluation of the meeting. Control of the meeting was given back to Presiding Officer, Matthew Charity, who then invited guests to comment on the meeting. Members were asked to comment and share news with the club.

Business News:
  • We are kicking off the Smedley Award contest, from now until Sept. 30. If we get five new members by Sept. 30th, Goldmine will receive a ribbon to display on our banner and 10 percent off our next club order. Bring a guest with you for the next month and half!
  • Upcoming Fall Conference  to be held in Greensboro, NC Oct 31st-Nov 2nd. We need someone to coordinate our and Club Pride Basket for the event. 
  • Reviewed agenda roles for next week's meeting.

Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, Sharon Davis, handed out the best Table Topic Award to Dana Michelle, the Best Speaker Award to Sam Mullis, the Best Evaluator Award to John Shepherd, and the Ah Stick  to Thomas Kombol. Meeting adjourned at 10:00 am.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Toastmaster's Meeting August 2nd ,2014

"Simplify Your Life" was the theme for this Goldmine meeting which started promptly at 8:30 am. Presiding officer Matthew Charity called the meeting to order,  welcomed guests, and introduced Sam Mullis to give us the thought  of  the  day. Human  Dignity. Don't lose it!  

Sam  kept the meeting  flowing smoothly by introducing  the lady of  the hour, Joyce Preston  as Toastmaster. Joyce simplified the meeting by announcing  program changes, and then called on the assigned roles. 

Jokemaster; Sam Mullis,  Grammarian: Matthew  Charity, Ah bell/ballot counter: Gerry Fenner, and Timer: Sonny Tolbert.

The next part of the meeting is where members and guests (optional) are called upon to do some quick thinking with questions asked  by the Table Topic Master: Phyllis Kombol. Three members and a guest were put on the hot seat. Jerry Weikle talked about brushing his teeth as a waste of time. Sharon Davis simplified her life by limiting her time to those who mattered most. Guest Steven Jorden told us what he loved to do that wasn't a waste of time.  Eugene Preston  ended the topics with what he does that is a waste of his time; playing games electronically. Next,  TM Joyce Preston introduced the two speakers for the meeting, Shyam Nayaran and Al Minter. Shyam took  us inside an executive meeting. We all felt we were right there  in the mist of the officers. Al spoke from the Competent Communication manual, "How to say it." He left us with some food for thought: What will be our next Transformation? 
General  Evaluator  Sonny Tolbert then  called upon Eugene Preston to evaluate Shyam's speech, and Jerry Weikle to evaluate Al's speech. Grammarian Matthew Charity was asked to give his report  and  Sonny Tolbert gave his overall evaluation of  the meeting.  Control of the meeting was then turned back over to the presiding officer Matthew Charity who invited comments and news from guests and members. Business and agenda roles for  next  week were reviewed.  

Ah bell/ballot counter Gerry Fenner  presented  the ah stick and communication awards which were as follows,  Best table topics: Eugene Preston, best speaker: Al Minter, best evaluator: Jerry weikle, and the ah stick went to Matthew Charity. Meeting adjourned at 10:00 am.

Friday, August 1, 2014

July 26 Meeting

Al Minter, Sergeant At Arms, started the meeting today, calling up our newly elected president, Matthew Charity. He introduced the Thought of the Day presenter, Serena Edwards who shared a thought, lead the pledge and introduced the Toastmaster, who happened to be Matthew Charity.

Today's theme was: Fact or Fiction. Matthew shared some scenarios and asked those in attendance if we thought it was "fact" or "fiction." We got some of them right and some of them wrong! Sonny told us a joke as Jokemaster. Jay Johnson stepped in at the last moment as Grammarian (word of the day: "antithesis"). Al Minter was the Ah Bell/Ballot Counter and Sonny switched with Sam to be the Timer.

Joyce Preston led the Table Topics portion as Table Topics Master, giving some cool quotes for unsuspecting members/guests to expound upon:
  • "Knowledge is power" went to: Serena Edwards
  • "Focus 90% of your time on solutions, and 10% on problems": Jay Johnson
  • "Success is liking yourself, what you do and how you do it": Sonny Tolbert
  • "Adversity does teach you who your real friends are": Steven Jordan (2nd time guest)
  • "Learning to ignore things is one of the greatest paths to inner peace": Al Minter
Our prepared speakers included Kemp Edwards who did his icebreaker speech, "Who I Am: More Than Cerebral Palsy" from the Competent Communicator manual, speech#1. Also speaking was Paul Junior, whose speech "Production of Videography" also came from the CC manual, speech #2.

John Shepherd led our evaluation portion of the meeting as General Evaluator, introducing our evaluators: Sam Mullis who evaluated Kemp's speech, and Jerry Weikle who evaluated Paul's speech.

Today's Winners:
Table Topics: Al Minter
Speaker: Kemp Edwards
Evaluator: Sam Mullis
Ah Stick: Paul Junior

During the business portion of the meeting, Kemp shared a card from Millie Hall, the recipient of the 2014 Communication and Leadership Award. Announcements: Fall Conference in Greensboro Oct 31-Nov 2, and upcoming Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests.

Awards Banquet/ Officer Installation

If you missed the July 19th, 2014 Officer Installation/ Awards Banquet, you missed a grand evening of great food and fellowship, as well as award presentations. The invocation was given by Thomas Kombol, and Toastmaster of the evening was Phyllis Kombol.
Kemp Edwards had the honor of presenting Millie Hall, a friend of education and a Kannapolis School Board member for 37 years, with the Communication and Leadership Award.

There were two other awards Serena Edwards, Immediate Past President, had the honor to present. Phyllis Kombol won Toastmaster of the Year, and Joyce Preston won Outstanding Toastmaster for their support and encouragement through the year.

Serena Edwards also gave a review of her past year serving as president of Goldmine Toastmasters. She so gracefully welcomed our incoming president, Matthew Charity with words of encouragement and well wishes as she passed on the torch.

Past District 37 Governor, Ken Miller, had the honor of inducting the new officers for Goldmine  2014-2015. The following are the new officers: President: Matthew Charity, VP of Education: Joyce Preston, VP of Membership: Serena Edwards, VP of Public Relations: Georgia Carlton, Secretary: Gerry Fenner, Treasurer: Thomas Kombol, and Sergeant of Arms: Al Minter.
Matthew Charity, Goldmine Toastmasters President, gave his presidential address and adjourned the event.
The Event was held at The Union Street Bistro, Concord, NC. Hats of to Georgia Carlton, VP of Public Relations, for bringing it all together.