Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Goldmine Meeting: July 19, 2014

We were delighted to have John Shepherd as our Toastmaster. Presiding  officer, Matthew  Charity, called  the  meeting to order. He gracefully welcomed any guests that were in attendance, followed by introducing Serena  Edwards to bring the thought of the day.

Eugene Preston was Table Topic Master. He gave five members and a guest the opportunity to think quickly and respond to different topics; from climbing Mt. Everest to how to spend a million dollars. Dana Michelle won for telling us how she would go on a two-week vacation when her funds are low.

Matthew Charity kept the meeting flowing in a timely, yet productive manner as our Timer.

Prepared speakers were Serena Edwards: Interpretive Speaking manual, Project: Monodrama. The title was "Cinderella: The True Story" and Jerry Weikle: "Lets Hit a Home Run for Cabarrus."

Sam Mullis evaluated Serena Edwards, followed by Georgia Carlton evaluating Jerry Weikle. The overall meeting was evaluated by Jay Johnson. Afterwards, he gave control of the meeting back to  presiding officer, Matthew Charity, who invited the guests to comment on the meeting. Welcomed
guests included: Jerrilyn Ash, Debbie Kelp, our Area Governor Rita Wilson Smith, and Steven Jorden.

Gerry Fenner, Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, summed up the votes and the ah's.

Best Speaker:Serena Edwards
Best Evaluator: Sam Mullis
Ah stick: Sam Mullis

Meeting adjourned: 10:00 A.M

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