Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Goldmine Meeting: July 19, 2014

We were delighted to have John Shepherd as our Toastmaster. Presiding  officer, Matthew  Charity, called  the  meeting to order. He gracefully welcomed any guests that were in attendance, followed by introducing Serena  Edwards to bring the thought of the day.

Eugene Preston was Table Topic Master. He gave five members and a guest the opportunity to think quickly and respond to different topics; from climbing Mt. Everest to how to spend a million dollars. Dana Michelle won for telling us how she would go on a two-week vacation when her funds are low.

Matthew Charity kept the meeting flowing in a timely, yet productive manner as our Timer.

Prepared speakers were Serena Edwards: Interpretive Speaking manual, Project: Monodrama. The title was "Cinderella: The True Story" and Jerry Weikle: "Lets Hit a Home Run for Cabarrus."

Sam Mullis evaluated Serena Edwards, followed by Georgia Carlton evaluating Jerry Weikle. The overall meeting was evaluated by Jay Johnson. Afterwards, he gave control of the meeting back to  presiding officer, Matthew Charity, who invited the guests to comment on the meeting. Welcomed
guests included: Jerrilyn Ash, Debbie Kelp, our Area Governor Rita Wilson Smith, and Steven Jorden.

Gerry Fenner, Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, summed up the votes and the ah's.

Best Speaker:Serena Edwards
Best Evaluator: Sam Mullis
Ah stick: Sam Mullis

Meeting adjourned: 10:00 A.M

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tall Tales and Ice Cream Contests – July 12, 2014

Goldmine Toastmasters had its annual Tall Tales and Homemade Ice Cream Contests on July 12 at Baker’s Creek Park in Kannapolis. Kemp Edwards, Sergeant at Arms, opened the contest and led the pledge of allegiance. Goldmine’s president, Matthew Charity, welcomed the members and guests.

We started the beautiful day off with some homemade ice cream from several Goldmine members: Phyllis Kombol, Sam Mullis, Gerry Fenner, and Serena Edwards. Glenda Edwards also participated in the contest and made some homemade blackberry cobbler (Can you say, “yum!”)

After eating our favorite ice cream flavors that included Chocolate and Vanilla, Very Vanilla, Blueberry, “Just Chocolate,” and Strawberry Cheesecake, we sat down for the Tall Tales Contest. 

Participants included the following:

  1. Phyllis Kombol – “My New Venture.” She told tales of acrobatic squirrels in her backyard
  2. Mahesh Duggal – “The Mark of a Champion.” Imagine meeting Lebron James in your local ER! 
  3. Sonny Tolbert – “The Cabin Trail”. A trail to an edible cabin? Only it had already been eaten!
  4. Peggy Beach – “A VIP Visitor.” George Washington has come back from the dead! And visited the city of Raleigh! 
  5. Georgia Carlton – “Lasting Impressions.” Her lasting impressions were of a little boy on a flight to Canada. 
  6. Jennifer Asaro – “The Dog Days of Summer.” The “dog days” of her summer were interrupted by a feisty pooch!

The Contest Master then interviewed the contestants as the Ballot Counters counted the ballots. He announced the winners of both contests and presented the awards with Chief Judge Glenda Edwards.

Ice Cream Winners:
1st Place: Sam Mullis “Just Chocolate”
2nd place: Gerry Fenner “Chocolate and Vanilla”
3rd place: Serena Edwards “Strawberry Cheesecake Delight”

Tall Tales Winners:
1st Place: Peggy Beach
2nd Place: Mahesh Duggal
3rd Place: Phyllis Kombol

Special thank you to the participants:
·         Contest Chair: Eugene Preston
·         Chief Judge (Tall Tales): Glenda Edwards
·         Timer: Pete Breidenbach
·         Ballot Counters: Serena Edwards and Sam Mullis
·         All the Goldmine members who helped with set-up, refreshments and planning
·         Our Toastmasters and community friends for joining us!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 5 Goldmine Truth (lies will come at Tall Tales July 12)

There will be plenty of lies at this coming week' stall tales contest, but on July 5, there was only truth. Our newly elected president, Matthew opened our meeting, and Sonny shared thoughts about the rights we enjoy as we celebrate Independence Day and how 3 of the first 5 presidents of the U.S. died on the 4th of July.

As our joke, Phyllis shared a silly bit of poetry about "one dark morning in the middle of the night..." and our Toastmaster of the Day Serena introduced roles, and noted minimal changes from our printed agenda.  Our periodic visitor Jay responded to Table Topics Master Thomas' question about his most memorable July 4: the most recent one, which he spent at Village Park hearing the Charlotte Symphony. Sonny would take a hot air balloon ride over an area with many fireworks displays, and Phyllis said "never again" would she spend $500 on fireworks. Our prepared speeches were from Gerry CC#4 "How to Say it"  with her "Seasons of Life," Matthew's "And the Journey Continues," and Dana's "Life is all about Choices." Evaluators, coordinated by General Evaluator Eugene,  were Paul, Al, and John, respectively, while Jerry timed, Kemp counted Ah's and ballots, and Georgia listened for uses of the word of the day: ponderous.

Thomas requested dues for July 1-Sept. 30 be either given to him, or mailed to the Goldmine PO Box 902, Kannapolis, NC 28082

RSVP to Georgia about your plans to attend the annual Awards and Officer Installation Banquet at Union St. Bistro in Concord 6-9:30 July 19. The cost is $26 per person, with payments to "Goldmine Toastmasters" to be given to Thomas on or before the banquet date.  Dress is "business" (so dress up a bit), and come hungry (the food will be excellent).  Non-alcohol drinks are included, cash bar available.

Remember Eugene is coordinating the Tall Tales and Homemade Ice Cream contest at Baker's Creek Park  on West A St. in Kannapolis in shelter #1. Please come help set up 8:15-8:30 so that the event can begin at 9 on July 12.