Saturday, June 14, 2014

Meeting on June 14, 2014

Eugene Preston led our meeting today as Toastmaster (for the last time!) Eugene will be attending another Toastmaster group in Charlotte and we will miss him! The theme of the day was "Toastmaster Memories," as Eugene strolled down the road of memories with Goldmine.

Serena opened the meeting as presiding officer and Gerry Fenner gave us a thought for the day. Joyce gave us a joke, Paul was Grammarian (word of the day: "sanguine"), Georgia stepped in as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, and Serena was Timer.

We had our favorite guest from the sunny state of Florida, Jay Johnson, as well as guests Tom Emery and Robert Woods. Our once guest, and Serena' husband, Kemp Edwards, joined today!

Joyce was Table Topics Master who asked some questions as we once again strolled down memory lane. Her "victims" included the following:
  • Georgia who responded to the question: "Tell us something sanguine about Toastmasters." After joining Goldmine, Georgia said she has learned more about being a leader and by doing Table Topics, has learned to speak up more in class.
  • Paul's question was " Why did you join Toastmasters and what do you get out of it?" He said he has had meetings with his team and had not been effective in communication He joined Goldmine to grow himself, which he said, "is the most important part of being me."
  • Gerry Fenner was asked "What obstacle have you overcome?" She said, "Moments like this." She said she was looking down, hoping she would not be called on. She likes to be prepared, and table topics takes away control. 
  • Our newest member, Kemp, has the question, "Why did you join Toastmasters?" He said to be "crazy" like everyone, and also to be a better speaker. (We're not really "crazy"...just like to have crazy fun!)
  • Our guest, Robert Woods, agreed to answer a question, which was, "What brought you to Toastmasters today?" He said he is here to perfect his ability to speak in front of others. He has also been put in leadership roles, and would like to correct his imperfections, and grow. Since this [life] is not a "dress rehearsal."
Table Topics Winner: Robert Woods (way to go!)

Our prepared speakers were Thomas Kombol, who spoke from Interpretive Reading (project #2: Interpreting Poetry). The title of his speech: "The Raven." Time: 8:43 for 8-10 minute speech. Sam Mullis spoke from the Competent Communicator manual (project #10). His title was "Avoiding Monsters." His time for 5-7 minute speech was 6:31.

Best Speaker: Sam Mullis

Jay Johnston stepped in a our General Evaluator, leading the evaluation portion of the meeting. Matthew evaluated Thomas (time: 2:59) and Phyllis evaluated Sam (time: 3:29). Jay evaluated our meeting, giving us kudos for warmly greeting him and the other guests.

Best Evaluator: Phyllis Kombol

Serena led the business portion of the meeting. Announcements included:
  • June 21: TLI (Toastmaster Leadership Institute). Incoming officers will be attending. Those include: President: Matthew Charity, VPE: Joyce Preston, VPM: Serena Edwards, VPPR: Georgia Carlton, Secretary: Gerry Fenner, Treasurer: Thomas Kombol, SAA: Al Minter. **NOT just for officers! Kemp Edwards will be attending to be learn Sergeant At Arms (SAA) role to assist Al. Register here: District 37 TLI West register
  • June 28: Bill Battermann's party (engagement/homewarming). Phyllis and Gerry will be carpooling. If interested, contact Phyllis.
  • July 12: Tall Tales and Ice Cream Contest at Baker's Creek Park. 
  • Youth Summit in Mooresville either August 9 or August 16. If you can help, contact Jessica Keyes at
Officer meeting was held after the meeting, which ended at 10:10 a.m.   

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