Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Meeting on May 10, 2014

Sonny Tolbert led our meeting today as Toastmaster with the theme "Jiggy with the Piggy." Fitting for the day because the Jiggy Jam Festival was going on right outside the doors! 

Joyce Preston opened the meeting with a thought for the day. Serena Edwards shared some church bulletin typos as Jokemaster of the day. Our Grammarian/Wordmaster was Hal Levin who shared the word of the day: "laborious" meaning arduous or strenuous. Serena also took on the role of Timer. Ballot Counter and Ah Bell ringer was Thomas Kombol. 

Table Topics Master, Jerry Weikle, asked some "piggie" questions, drawing out our imaginations:
1. "You had a pet pig growing up and one day you found your dad had grilled your pet pig. How did you react?" Sonny told of how his dad cooked his pet hamster and was told it was quail. He cooked his pet rabbit and was told it was chicken. Now his pet pig gets roasted and he's told its Boston butt. No matter how many pets good ole Dad cooked, he always got him another one!

2. "You raised pigs. What is your favorite piggie?" Paul Junior got this question and said even though he is not a "pet person," he saw a piggie on the side of the road and took him home. However, piggie kept running away. So he told him if he didn't come home, he would cook him for dinner!

3. "You have a pet pig. How much did you practice dancing with your pig?" Thomas told of the many, many hours of practice dancing with his pig to win the Jiggy with the Piggy dancing contest. His pig, Norman, and him practiced all year long. He even filed his feet so Norman could glide across the dance floor!

Table Topics Winner: Sonny

Our prepared speakers included Sam Mullis who spoke from the CC manual (#9). The title of his speech was "A Tell of Two Tales." Phyllis evaluated Sam's speech. Both qualified on time.
Eugene Preston's speech, "The History of Scuba-Diving," was speech #7 of the CC manual. Joyce evaluated his speech. Eugene qualified on time; Joyce did not.
Cynthia Randolph shared her heart in a speech titled "20-20 Vision" (#1 CC). Paul evaluated her speech. Cynthia went over in time. Paul qualified.

Best Speaker: Sam Mullis
Best Evaluator: Phyllis Kombol

The General Evaluator was Jerry Weikle. Hal shared his Grammarian Report. Serena Edwards, presiding officer, led the business meeting that included the announcement that the Tall Tales/Ice Cream Contest will be on July 12 at Baker's Creek Park in Kannapolis. The Awards Banquet does not have a date/place yet...more info to come. Thomas closed the meeting with awards. Ah Stick Winner: Eugene Preston.

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