Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 3, 2014 Meeting

Since several members were attending the District 37 Conference, a smaller than normal group attended the meeting. Shyam Narayan, who served as Presiding Officer, called the meeting to order and Jerry Weikle presented the Thought of the Day. Shyam also served as Toastmaster so announced "Cinco de Mayo" as the theme of the meeting. He introduced Al Minter, who provided a joke. The Grammarian was Gerry Fenner, the Timer was Dana Michelle and the Ah Bell/Ballot Counter was Paul Junior.

Shyam's son led Table Topics, which centered around Cinco de Mayo. He did a great job and looks like a future Toastmaster!

  • Paul attempted to share how he would react to Cinco de Mayo
  • Jerry shared how he would react to Cinco de Mayo
  • Gerry attempted to discuss a myth about Cinco de Mayo
  • Dana shared her most embarrassing moment at a Cinco de Mayo party
  • Al shared the perfect disk he would see at a Cinco de Mayo party
The prepared speakers were:
  • Sonny Tolbert read a play using different vocals for each character in the play.
Al served as the General Evaluator. Ray Atkinson evaluated Sonny Tolbert's speech. Jerry, Dana and Al qualified on time for their table topics. Sonny's speech and Ray's evaluation qualified on time. Al provided several helpful suggestions during his general meeting evaluation, including the need to be more prepared before the meeting starts.

Best Table Topics Speaker: Dana
Best Speaker: Sonny
Best Evaluator: Ray

Order of Business:
We need volunteers for the Jiggy with the Piggy event.

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