Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lucky 13 on May 24th at Goldmine

We were the "Lucky 13" on May 24th at Goldmine!

It was getting hot and we were getting ready for a fabulous Memorial Day weekend, so our theme was “Condiments.”  Serena opened our meeting as the Presiding Officer, and handed it off to Phyllis for our thought of the day, a reminder about our induction pledge to serve our club and fellow Toastmasters: “Ask not what your TM club can do for you; ask what you can do for your club!” She introduced Joyce as her mentor and our TMOD who ably managed our meeting.  Al doubled as our Jokemaster and Ah Bell and ballot counter. Sam, our Grammarian for the day, asked us to consider “altruism” our word of the day, which connected well with the veterans we honored this weekend, including our very own: Matthew and Sam.

Kathy (in her farewell meeting as she is moving to New Orleans for at least the summer) was our Table Topics master.  Gerry responded “Mayo, mayo, and mayo,” to a question about which 3 condiments would be most important to take to another planet, but then thought she might take mustard and relish if she had to take 3 different condiments. Kemp (as our guest and timer, soon to be member!!) talked about how yummy honey mustard dressing could make different foods when asked to go beyond the various kinds of ranch dressings available.  Our winner was Sam, who compared failure to the simulation of black pepper, taking off from a Truman Capote quote about failure being the spice to stimulate renewed effort.

Our prepared speeches included Georgia’s CC#6 “The Highs and the Lows” which described some of the recent great and not so great moments of her life, using vocal variety very nicely, and ending on a high note with an evaluation from Jerry. Both Serena and Sonny were working from the Interpretive Reading advanced manual.  Serena presented the poetry of “David’s Psalms of Deliverance,” evaluated by Phyllis (Best Evaluator award for the day).  Sonny orated as Patrick Henry, ending with the famous “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!” winning the Best Speaker award and an evaluation from Thomas (who took home the Ah stick for y’knows  and double clutches). Matthew was our General Evaluator.

Our business meeting included sharing information about upcoming events:
·       Social event at Bill Battermann’s 2-5 pm on June 28 (Ask Phyllis for details/carpool info?)
·       TLI West on June 21 at UNC-Charlotte
·       Tall Tales and Homemade Ice Cream contest (contact Eugene if you plan to enter)
·       July 19 Awards Banquet and Officer Installation (details TBA, Georgia is coordinating) 

Our nominating committee (Phyllis, Joyce, Sonny) are finalizing the slate of officers for the coming year so that we can VOTE at the last meeting of the month NEXT SATRUDAY MAY 31.
You’ll want to be there!!

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