Sunday, May 25, 2014

Goldmine Meeting Saturday, May 17, 2014

Greetings Goldminers! Today’s meeting was called to order at 8:42 a.m. with Serena as the presiding officer.  We were honored to have Tom and Kemp (Serena’s husband) as our guests, as they graced us with their presence.  Kemp hinted that he may be joining us as a Goldminer next month, and Tom may be on the same path.  Certainly, these gentlemen would be a wonderful addition to our Goldmine family!

Members in attendance included Serena, Dana, Joyce, Al, Shyam, Matthew, Sam, and Ray. Ray gave us the thought of the day, and led us into the pledge of allegiance, before introducing our Toastmaster.  Matthew was our lively Toastmaster for the morning, with the theme being “Spring”.  He shared with us, just when he thinks it’s safe to pack away his sweaters, here comes a chilly day, that will cause him to go digging them out again!  He jokingly stated, “Don’t say that springtime  has come until you can put your feet on 9 daisies.”

Al was our ballot counter, Kemp stood in as our timer, and Serena served as our grammarian.  The word of the day was diminutive; miniature, petite. Though there was nothing diminutive about the laughter that followed the joke of the day.  Matthew was our jokemaster, who shared a joke about three boys who were bragging about their fathers.  The first one said, “My father runs so fast he can fire an arrow, start running, and get there before the arrow!”  The second one said, “That’s nothing! My father can shoot a gun, start running, and get there before the bullet!” The third boy just smiled.  That’s nothing.  My father works at the post office.  He gets off work at 5 and is home before 4!”

Ray did a wonderful job as our Table Topics Master.  The Table Topic speakers included: Al, Shyam and Serena.  Al engaged us as he spoke of the disadvantages and advantages of different transportation.  Shyam entertained us with the man on the screen being Clark Kent, knowing he has to go after the bad guys and need us to help him for direction!  Serena brought it home by sharing her thoughts on the University eliminating parking spaces and whether or not she agreed.

Dana gave her Icebreaker!  She challenged us that as we live “Life in Transition” to have the courage to follow our heart. She provoked the thought for us to ask questions so that we are truly living the life and purpose we came here to live, and not someone else's.  This leads us into Joyce’s speech “Ask the Question.” She pointed out, when we ask questions it turbo charges success, enables leaders to solve problems, and can help us to find our purpose and passion, stating we must be lifelong learners.

Serena evaluated Dana’s speech giving her some valuable pointers and feedback for her first speech.  In Sam’s evaluation of Joyce’s speech, he commented on the usage of “constantly evolving” and being “lifelong learners.  He also commented on the usage of Blah, blah, blah, which ironically both speakers stated.  So the joke was, be lifelong learners and blah, blah blah! Of course as Sam reminded us, we are practicing using words to express ourselves, and as we do it helps to develop our intellect by asking questions (bringing it back to the speeches) so let us walk in excellence with our speech.  Shyam was our General Evaluator.  In the end only Sam and Al qualified, congratulations to them both! Shyam (as well a Joyce) pointed out not to use being small in number (amount of members present) as a negative.  For though we were small in number we were powerful in presence, and we will continue to evolve.

~Dana Mich’elle~                

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