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Goldmine April 19, 2014 Easter themed meeting

Easter Theme at Goldmine April 19, 2014
We moved the tables to be able to face each other. What a help that was to feel like we were really connecting! Twelve Goldmine members and our guest Kemp Edwards enjoyed each other’s company.
Cynthia’s thought of the day addressed that very personal connection we have had at Goldmine, something we’ve all valued and want to sustain.

Ray was challenged to tell rather than read his joke, and he rose to the challenge describing the hand washing behaviors of an architect (used the towel thoroughly), an engineer (used lots of towels),azznd dn the planner (arranged not to need to….)...oh, you had to be there!! He did share with the group that he was accepted to all 3 of the graduate schools he'd applied to.

Serena was our TMOD for our Easter themed meeting. She of course made it look smooth and easy. She shared factoids about the ingredients in Peeps, among other trivia. Phyllis served as our Grammarian/Wordmaster, with the word: nexus, a central connection or node.

Paul was our Table Topics master and he had already talked with Serena about the theme and the time available.  He asked Matthew to recall a nexus to Easter from the past, which got him remembering how he received a new outfit of clothes for Easter because he’d grown out of the previous year’s clothes.  Sonny won best Table Topic as he described why Easter, as a time of rebirth, was important to him. Eugene made a connection between being with extended family and playing games, such as Quell.  Phyllis tried to figure out why Easter had come to be associated with bunnies.
Our timer, Ray reported that both of our prepared speeches went over time, but Thomas was voted best speaker for his Interpretive Reading project that had him read the story: Ali Babba and the Forty Thieves. Shyam used our technology resources to present “Scheduling for Success” for a project in the Speaking to Inform manual.

Sam evaluated Thomas, Georgia (the Ah stick winner, based on the report from our Ah bell & ballot counter, Sonny) evaluated Shyam, and Eugene gave a general evaluation of the meeting.
During the business meeting, we were reminded to nominate a community member who has exemplified excellence in communication and leadership for our annual Communication and Leadership Award.  Georgia is working on the officer installation/awards banquet tentatively scheduled for July 19.  Eugene is coordinating planning for the Tall Tales and Homemade Ice Cream contest (an invitational, open to all D37), which is tentatively set for July 12. Potential contestants are asked to notify Eugene.

We also received greetings from our retired member Richard Archer, as Phyllis met up with him and his wife just before the weekend.
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