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April 26, 2014: The Fabulous Five at Goldmine

April 26, 2014: The Fabulous Five at Goldmine

We were a small but fantastic, fabulous, funny group at the Goldmine celebrating our theme “Family and Money” between 8:34 and 10:08 Saturday 4/26. Our word of the day, “bifurcate” was almost the opposite of our activities as we did not divide much, but piled the roles on in layers to the five (5) brave and capable attendees.

This week’s blogger, that’s me, Phyllis, was Toastmaster of the meeting, and responded to a Table Topics question about building a log home in the mountains with money left by the passing of a rich uncle (or as really happened, mom).  As Saturday approached, seeing that there were several roles open, some preliminary work was done to assemble TT questions, prepare for the Wordmaster/Grammarian, and set up the room for the meeting. Matthew filled in as presiding officer, gave a speech “Your Signature on the Signature Line” (Persuade with Power #9 from CC manual on his 2nd time through it), and served as Table Topics Master.

Hal started us out with the Thought and Joke of the day, then won best Table Topic by explaining how he’d leave an education fund as his legacy to his children, served as General Evaluator AND evaluated Eugene’s speech “D-Day” (#6 Vocal Variety in CC manual) which won best speaker.  Eugene followed his speech with an evaluation of Matthew’s speech that won him the best evaluator award…and the Ah stick by the time he gave his grammarian report.

Paul truly rose to the challenges of the day as well, capably serving as both Timer and Ah Bell/ Ballot Counter, AND taking a turn at a Table Topic question about why he really did not want to have any already passed on family members to return, since he was sure they would interfere with his life!

During our segues and business session to briefly discussed the Penny War, conference, speechathon, speechcraft, and the value of repeating CC and CL manuals up to once each year to keep those basic skills well-oiled.

Hal’s starting thought about how we don’t see things as they really are…but how WE are seemed especially appropriate as we all rose to the challenge of juggling multiple roles, and still made it a fun and productive meeting. We will be missing him for several meetings as he will be filling in for a colleague for several Saturdays in the next couple months, but we look forward to a reunion later in the summer.

The upcoming weekend is the District 37 conference: check D37Toastmasters website for more information.

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