Friday, March 7, 2014

Lucky Thirteen on March 1, 2014 at Goldmine

What a creative baker’s dozen!  Hal started us out with a series of interrelated thoughts before introducing Eugene as our TMOD, who made it look so easy to emcee our meeting! We tried not to choke on Jerry’s joke about the purpose for prayer at meals being related the cook’s skill. I always wondered why my kids prayed before meals eaten at our home but not when eating elsewhere!

Table Topics questions took off from images and quotes that Mike found on FaceBook.  Jerry was going to notify us if he found peace; Ray addressed small things done in great ways; Paul shared how the small step he took in starting a job has become a BIG thing in retrospect; Gerry won by telling us that life’s too precious to let someone become a “difficult person” in her life. She also was happy to report that she is now receiving royalties from her book “Digging My Grave with My Teeth.”  Kudos Gerry!

In prepared speeches, Jessica challenged us to be creative “Diner Artisans” and showed some examples of scenes constructed from common items and left for wait staff in eateries.  Phyllis evaluated the speech, agreeing to take the challenge to try it.  Al won best speaker with his “Dynamics of Leadership” presentation in which he use PowerPoint smoothly.  Joyce won best evaluation with her analysis of his strengths and suggestions for future presentations.

In other roles for the lucky group of 13, Ray served as our grammarian, and though we struggled a bit with the word of the day “luddite,” he is becoming more practiced and comfortable with that listening role. Paul kept track of time, and also is starting to be more comfortable taking on all these new roles as a relatively new member. Our very experienced member who served so beautifully as General Evaluator was Cynthia. She reminded us to keep doing all those little things that make our meetings work well and continue to be fun learning & skill development opportunities.

During our business section of the meeting, Joyce and Phyllis reviewed upcoming club, area, division, and district contest dates. These are excellent chances to get to know other TMs, practice contest roles, AND to support your club members who move up to compete at higher levels. Remember to register for the May 2-4 conference to be held at the Concord Great Wolf Lodge (early bird pricing has been extended)—check the D37 Toastmasters website.

After the regular meeting adjourned, a short contest planning session followed. Serena is planning chair, Alex will be contest master.  Serena sent out e-mail reminders for final confirmations of contestants and other role-players for the contest, and refreshments.

Today's blog written by Phyllis Kombol, ACG, ALB

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