Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Goldmine Meeting Saturday, March 15, 2014

Greetings, Goldmine Toastmasters!

Saturday, March 15, 2014, our meeting was called to order at approximately 8:40 a.m.  There was no theme, nor any guests present.  There were a total of 12 members in attendance.

Thomas was Presiding Officer. Sam was our Toastmaster. Dana introduced the Thought of the Day. Sonny was the lively and entertaining Jokemaster.  
Alex was our Grammarian.  The Word of the Day was “conflate” (v) meaning: 1. To bring together, 2. To combine (as two readings of a text) into a composite whole. Hats off to Alex, along with Thomas, Sam, and Dana for “conflating” the word with their stories or sentences!

The Table Topics Speakers were Paul, Ankur, Dana and Sonny, with Thomas as the Table Topics Master.  Paul and Ankur both entertained us with stories about, “The morning I saw an accident….”  Ironically, there really was an accident they both witnessed on their way to Toastmasters! Ankur’s GPS wasn’t working properly as he tried to find another route.   It was then he realized, that just maybe he had been depending too much on his GPS, and needed to start depending more on his brain (perhaps we all can relate)J! Dana spoke to us about, “You wait and see…” as the two little people debated back and forth, one on each of her shoulders.  Sonny enthusiastically and continuously used the word “flabbergasted,” as he shared his story with great energy!

Jerry served as our Timer, and Paul as our Ah Bell/Ballot Counter.  We had two wonderful speakers, Georgia and Eugene.  Georgia gave a heartfelt speech about her mother, saying it’s because her mother made her face her challenges when she was younger, and that she is now able to face her fears.  As Evaluator, Matthew shared with Georgia that she opened up with a lot of confidence, transitions were good, and content was good and she had an overall great speech! Matthew was Evaluator 1; Jerry Evaluator 2—with Hal as the General Evaluator. 
Eugene ended the last speech of the day by telling us about his certification in scuba diving.  Jerry pointed out that Eugene had a great opening: “The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves.”  Jerry also thought Eugene had great word choice, such as abyss, and Hal agreed with the great word choice, pointing out the word “exhilarating,” as he congratulated both Georgia and Eugene on a job well done.

Sonny won the award for Best Table Topics.  Georgia won the award for Best Speaker.  Jerry won the award for Best Evaluator.  Thomas was awarded the Ah Stick.  Dana and Matthew did not qualify.
Concerning business, Sam mentioned Kannapolis may be preparing for a baseball stadium.  We mentioned the area contest to be held at the Rotary Club on March 22, 2014, and that dues should be paid by March 28, allowing our club to receive a FREE set of officer pins.  Meeting was adjourned at 9:50 a.m.

Written by Dana Mich’elle, Serena Edwards editor

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