Saturday, March 29, 2014

Area 14 Contest at Rotary Hall

This morning was the Area 14 International Speech and Table Topics Contest held at Rotary Club in place of Goldmine's regular meeting.

We had 12 Goldmine members and the following special guests: District 37 Governor, Ken Miller; District 37 Public Relations Officer, Glenda Edwards; Area 15 Governor, Darnell Bridges, and Calvin Duncan.

Our own Area 14 Governor, Phyllis Kombol, was contest master. Goldmine President, Serena Edwards, stepped in as Sergeant at Arms.

The Table Topics question: "What is your personal definition of the word 'success?"" The Table Topics contestants (in order of presentation):
  • Tim Edwards (People Growing Together)- The heart of success is your personal determination to reach your goals.
  • Ken Rodell (Hostmasters)- Success is family and spending time with his sons.
  • Sonny Tolbert (Goldmine)- Getting up after a failure, setting goals and achieving contentment is success.
  • Amy Gregg Maher (Yawn Patrol)- Success is life-long learning.
  • Georgia Carlton (Goldmine)- Success comes from failure.
 The International Speech contest contestants (in order of presentation):
  • Sonny Tolbert, "True Treasures": His love of treasures began in childhood. Then after a layoff from IBM that lasted three years, he found real treasure in friends, family and colleagues, not in lottery tickets, gold or silver.
  • Hasan Harnett, "The Magic of Thinking Big" (Yawn Patrol): Entering a 1,000 meter race where he was the "great unknown." His coach told him to focus and that the difference between you and your competition and ability is to think big. He did and won the state championship. What do you do when the odds are stacked against you? Dare to think big
  •  Tim Edwards, "The Ride of My Life": Randy experience the thrill of the ride at Six Flags with him. Another high in the ride of life came when he got married. Then the low of his mom dying. Back up the hill: A new granddaughter is born. Back to the low: His brother died of cancer. But his wife was there through the highs and lows. If you don't have someone to ride with you, change chairs and find someone who needs a friend.
Other participants in the contest:
  • Chief Judge: Division B Governor: Joyce Preston
  • Ballot Counters: Ken Miller and Sam Mullis
  • Timers: Ray Atkinson and Matthew Charity
 Congratulations to our Winners:

Table Topics:
  1. Tim Edwards
  2. Georgia Carlton
International Speech:
  1. Tim Edwards
  2. Hasan Harnett
 Upcoming Contest:
  • Division B Contest: April 12 at 10:30 a.m., Concord Fire Station #9 on Poplar Tent Road
  • District 37 Conference May 2-4 at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord

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