Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 29th Goldmine Meeting

March 29th Goldmine Meeting

Our Presiding Officer Serena Edwards called the meeting to order and Sam Mullis presented the Thought of the Day.  Our Toastmaster Al Minter announced the meeting's theme this week to be "Spring, A New Beginning," which went very well with our prepared speeches.  Next, he introduced our Jokemaster, Paul Jr.  The Grammarian was Matthew Charity, the Timer was Dana Michelle and our Ah Bell/Ballot Counter was Georgia Carlton.
Hal Levin gave our Table Topics, which centered around the theme, Spring and also New Beginnings, and I would like to say it was also quite comical.
  • Phyllis Kombol talked about her camping trip, where she shot a bear in her pajamas.
  • Paul Jr. told us about what he would do if he went on a fishing trip with women, and they all caught fish, but he didn't.
  • Gerry Fenner's table topic was about a time when she was encouraged to succeed.
The Speakers were:
  • Joyce Preston,  Joyce was working on Project 5, Accepting an Award.  She dedicated the project to her Distinguished Toastmaster Award.  Her speech was titled "Mrs. DTM," and was a 5-7 minute speech.  In this speech, she entertained her audience by telling stories of the people that she was thankful for, and how each of those people helped her become a better person and toastmaster.  She also spoke of her growth since the beginning of her career at Goldmine.  
  • Eugene Preston's speech was titled "Turbulence," and it was from his firth project in the CC manual, Your Body Speaks.  He told us about times in his life that he related to the turbulence of a rough flight, and picking himself back up after difficult times.
  • Serena Edwards,  Serena's speech was titled "Are You a Warrior or a Worrier?"  It was a very motivating and strengthening speech.  The message she left her audience was to find our strength within, and become the warriors that we can all be, and leave the worry behind, because we can't control the world.
Gerry Fenner served as our General Evaluator, and introduced our evaluators.  Thomas Kombol evaluated Joyce Preston.  Cynthia Randolph evaluated Eugene Preston and Shayam Narayan evaluated Serena Edwards.  Paul and Phyllis qualified on time in their table topics.  Eugene and Serena qualified in their speaking times, and Thomas and Cynthia qualified in their evaluation times.  All in all it was a fun meeting, with inspiring stories and quality people.

Best Speaker:  Eugene Preston
Best Table Topics Speaker:  Phyllis Kombol
Best Evaluator:  Cynthia Randolph

Order of Business:
  • There will be Penny Wars at the Spring District Contest, so bring all the pennies you can find to raise money for our district.  If you can't find your pennies, bring any other currency you can find.  The contest will be April 12th.  
  • Be sure to sign up for the next District 37 Contest on their website:  The contest will be held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord from May 2nd-4th.  So feel free to bring your family to enjoy one of North Carolina's largest water parks, while you are in the conference.  
  • Dues are due for the next quarter, so please send them to our club P.O. Box or hand them directly to our Treasurer, Thomas Kombol at our next meeting.  If you are wondering, dues are $60.00/quarter.
  • Joyce Preston's Parliamentary Procedure 101 is coming up on April 5th, from 10:15 - 11:15 am in the Rotary Hall.  If you are interested in attending, please R.S.V.P. with Joyce through e-mail.  
  • There will be an officer meeting on April 19th
  • If you are interested in an officer position next quarter, please contact Serena Edwards.  

Area 14 Contest at Rotary Hall

This morning was the Area 14 International Speech and Table Topics Contest held at Rotary Club in place of Goldmine's regular meeting.

We had 12 Goldmine members and the following special guests: District 37 Governor, Ken Miller; District 37 Public Relations Officer, Glenda Edwards; Area 15 Governor, Darnell Bridges, and Calvin Duncan.

Our own Area 14 Governor, Phyllis Kombol, was contest master. Goldmine President, Serena Edwards, stepped in as Sergeant at Arms.

The Table Topics question: "What is your personal definition of the word 'success?"" The Table Topics contestants (in order of presentation):
  • Tim Edwards (People Growing Together)- The heart of success is your personal determination to reach your goals.
  • Ken Rodell (Hostmasters)- Success is family and spending time with his sons.
  • Sonny Tolbert (Goldmine)- Getting up after a failure, setting goals and achieving contentment is success.
  • Amy Gregg Maher (Yawn Patrol)- Success is life-long learning.
  • Georgia Carlton (Goldmine)- Success comes from failure.
 The International Speech contest contestants (in order of presentation):
  • Sonny Tolbert, "True Treasures": His love of treasures began in childhood. Then after a layoff from IBM that lasted three years, he found real treasure in friends, family and colleagues, not in lottery tickets, gold or silver.
  • Hasan Harnett, "The Magic of Thinking Big" (Yawn Patrol): Entering a 1,000 meter race where he was the "great unknown." His coach told him to focus and that the difference between you and your competition and ability is to think big. He did and won the state championship. What do you do when the odds are stacked against you? Dare to think big
  •  Tim Edwards, "The Ride of My Life": Randy experience the thrill of the ride at Six Flags with him. Another high in the ride of life came when he got married. Then the low of his mom dying. Back up the hill: A new granddaughter is born. Back to the low: His brother died of cancer. But his wife was there through the highs and lows. If you don't have someone to ride with you, change chairs and find someone who needs a friend.
Other participants in the contest:
  • Chief Judge: Division B Governor: Joyce Preston
  • Ballot Counters: Ken Miller and Sam Mullis
  • Timers: Ray Atkinson and Matthew Charity
 Congratulations to our Winners:

Table Topics:
  1. Tim Edwards
  2. Georgia Carlton
International Speech:
  1. Tim Edwards
  2. Hasan Harnett
 Upcoming Contest:
  • Division B Contest: April 12 at 10:30 a.m., Concord Fire Station #9 on Poplar Tent Road
  • District 37 Conference May 2-4 at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Goldmine Meeting Saturday, March 15, 2014

Greetings, Goldmine Toastmasters!

Saturday, March 15, 2014, our meeting was called to order at approximately 8:40 a.m.  There was no theme, nor any guests present.  There were a total of 12 members in attendance.

Thomas was Presiding Officer. Sam was our Toastmaster. Dana introduced the Thought of the Day. Sonny was the lively and entertaining Jokemaster.  
Alex was our Grammarian.  The Word of the Day was “conflate” (v) meaning: 1. To bring together, 2. To combine (as two readings of a text) into a composite whole. Hats off to Alex, along with Thomas, Sam, and Dana for “conflating” the word with their stories or sentences!

The Table Topics Speakers were Paul, Ankur, Dana and Sonny, with Thomas as the Table Topics Master.  Paul and Ankur both entertained us with stories about, “The morning I saw an accident….”  Ironically, there really was an accident they both witnessed on their way to Toastmasters! Ankur’s GPS wasn’t working properly as he tried to find another route.   It was then he realized, that just maybe he had been depending too much on his GPS, and needed to start depending more on his brain (perhaps we all can relate)J! Dana spoke to us about, “You wait and see…” as the two little people debated back and forth, one on each of her shoulders.  Sonny enthusiastically and continuously used the word “flabbergasted,” as he shared his story with great energy!

Jerry served as our Timer, and Paul as our Ah Bell/Ballot Counter.  We had two wonderful speakers, Georgia and Eugene.  Georgia gave a heartfelt speech about her mother, saying it’s because her mother made her face her challenges when she was younger, and that she is now able to face her fears.  As Evaluator, Matthew shared with Georgia that she opened up with a lot of confidence, transitions were good, and content was good and she had an overall great speech! Matthew was Evaluator 1; Jerry Evaluator 2—with Hal as the General Evaluator. 
Eugene ended the last speech of the day by telling us about his certification in scuba diving.  Jerry pointed out that Eugene had a great opening: “The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves.”  Jerry also thought Eugene had great word choice, such as abyss, and Hal agreed with the great word choice, pointing out the word “exhilarating,” as he congratulated both Georgia and Eugene on a job well done.

Sonny won the award for Best Table Topics.  Georgia won the award for Best Speaker.  Jerry won the award for Best Evaluator.  Thomas was awarded the Ah Stick.  Dana and Matthew did not qualify.
Concerning business, Sam mentioned Kannapolis may be preparing for a baseball stadium.  We mentioned the area contest to be held at the Rotary Club on March 22, 2014, and that dues should be paid by March 28, allowing our club to receive a FREE set of officer pins.  Meeting was adjourned at 9:50 a.m.

Written by Dana Mich’elle, Serena Edwards editor

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring 2014 Speech Contest 3/8/14

     We had our club level speech contest on March 8. The spring contest involves a table topics contest and an international speech contest. After some clarification on how we wanted to adapt our approach to the international speech contest, Jerry Weikle, as SAA, called the speech contest to order. Serena Edwards took over with a welcome and introduction as contest chair. With a hilarious made-up biography, Serena introduced Alex Porter our contest master. He began the Table Topics Contest by asking all the contestants to respond to, "I looked out my front door. There were thousands of them."

     Georgia Carlton thoroughly described the scene of a thousand frogs. Thomas Kombol discussed the transformation of tadpoles to frogs that he found outside his door. Hal Levin described a scene where he opened the front door to his house and found an angry mob. Sonny Tolbert used hand motions to describe how he defeated Star Wars aliens as Obi Wan Kenobi.

     Since the International Speech Contest had only 2 competitors, they were appointed to represent Goldmine at the Area 14 contest. Alex and chief judge Phyllis Kombol did the presentation of awards for the Table Topics Contest before an International Speech Contest practice session was held. Sonny Tolbert won first place, Georgia came in second, Hal in third, and Thomas fourth. The top 2 will represent us at the Area contest.

     Alex reconvened an abbreviated meeting for international speech contest practice with written feedback. Thomas Kombol's speech, which was titled "The Earth In Motion," described in university level detail how the tectonic plates move. Sonny Tolbert's speech, which was titled "True Treasures," began with how a lottery ticket does not represent his treasure. Throughout his speech he discussed how he defines treasures in life. One of these treasures included finding employment through the friendship of past colleagues.

     Before adjourning, we had a few announcements. Joyce Preston announced she will be providing a free Parliamentary Procedures 101 workshop on Saturday, April 5 from 10:15-11:15AM at the Kannapolis Rotary Hall. Ray Atkinson announced that he has been admitted to the University of Oregon's Master of Community and Regional Planning program. Congratulations Ray!

     Next contest levels: Area 14 (Goldmine, HostMasters, People Growing Together, Yawn Patrol Zone) contest is March 22 here at the Rotary Hall. We will be hosting the contest in place of our regular Goldmine meeting.  Expect to be called upon to fill roles (Phyllis will coordinate). Division B (which includes our Area and 5 others) will be at the Fire Station on Ivey Cline Rd. just off I85 at the Poplar Tent exit on April 12.  District contests will be part of the spring D37 conference May 2-4 at the Great Wolf Lodge just off Bruton Smith Blvd. As one of the local clubs, we will want to be a presence there, helping to host, and supporting our entire district while we enjoy education and fellowship with Toastmasters from across the whole state of NC. The early bird rate is extended; register on the D37 Toastmasters website.

Blog by Ray Atkinson, Phyl Kombol editor.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Lucky Thirteen on March 1, 2014 at Goldmine

What a creative baker’s dozen!  Hal started us out with a series of interrelated thoughts before introducing Eugene as our TMOD, who made it look so easy to emcee our meeting! We tried not to choke on Jerry’s joke about the purpose for prayer at meals being related the cook’s skill. I always wondered why my kids prayed before meals eaten at our home but not when eating elsewhere!

Table Topics questions took off from images and quotes that Mike found on FaceBook.  Jerry was going to notify us if he found peace; Ray addressed small things done in great ways; Paul shared how the small step he took in starting a job has become a BIG thing in retrospect; Gerry won by telling us that life’s too precious to let someone become a “difficult person” in her life. She also was happy to report that she is now receiving royalties from her book “Digging My Grave with My Teeth.”  Kudos Gerry!

In prepared speeches, Jessica challenged us to be creative “Diner Artisans” and showed some examples of scenes constructed from common items and left for wait staff in eateries.  Phyllis evaluated the speech, agreeing to take the challenge to try it.  Al won best speaker with his “Dynamics of Leadership” presentation in which he use PowerPoint smoothly.  Joyce won best evaluation with her analysis of his strengths and suggestions for future presentations.

In other roles for the lucky group of 13, Ray served as our grammarian, and though we struggled a bit with the word of the day “luddite,” he is becoming more practiced and comfortable with that listening role. Paul kept track of time, and also is starting to be more comfortable taking on all these new roles as a relatively new member. Our very experienced member who served so beautifully as General Evaluator was Cynthia. She reminded us to keep doing all those little things that make our meetings work well and continue to be fun learning & skill development opportunities.

During our business section of the meeting, Joyce and Phyllis reviewed upcoming club, area, division, and district contest dates. These are excellent chances to get to know other TMs, practice contest roles, AND to support your club members who move up to compete at higher levels. Remember to register for the May 2-4 conference to be held at the Concord Great Wolf Lodge (early bird pricing has been extended)—check the D37 Toastmasters website.

After the regular meeting adjourned, a short contest planning session followed. Serena is planning chair, Alex will be contest master.  Serena sent out e-mail reminders for final confirmations of contestants and other role-players for the contest, and refreshments.

Today's blog written by Phyllis Kombol, ACG, ALB