Tuesday, February 18, 2014

January 25 Goldmine meeting

       Only ten members were present due to the conflict with TLI in Charlotte. All our officers attended TLI, along with several other members who are officers of other clubs, or work at the TLI bookstore, plus several other members who are assorted Toastmaster big shots (governors and things like that) went to TLI as well.
            We were honored with one very smart young guest, Dana Michelle’s charming daughter. Too bad this writer was not smart enough to write down her name, but he wasn’t and he has forgotten. She told me she wanted to come back and talk. I encouraged her to do so.
            Jerry Weikle served as Presiding Officer, Table Topics victim and Ballot Counter, doing an admirable job in each regard.
            Ray Atkinson was Toastmaster of the Day, his first time as I understand. He chose the theme of “Livable Communities” for the meeting.
            Dana Michelle tried her hand at Grammarian for the first time and also presented the Thought of the Day. Paul Junior was Timer and Ankur Srivastava presented the joke.
            Sunitha Nalla shined like the sun as she asked Table Topics questions.
At Sunitha’s prompting: Jerry Weikle told us the best things he considers part of a livable community; Paul Junior told us what he liked and disliked (mostly liked) about his community; and Alex Porter told what he would try to do if he created a livable community.
            Greenwood, S.C.’s favorite son, Sonny Tolbert, spoke from the Specialty Speech Manual, doing Project 1, Impromptu Speech. His Evaluator, Sam Mullis, gave Sonny the task of telling whether a Corvette or a Thunderbird is better. Sonny went from pillar to post explaining the virtues of Corvettes and Thunderbirds and even managed to throw in some Mustang lore when he became low on T-bird material. Sonny concluded that overall, Corvettes are better, plus we learned that his mother drives one she traded a Mustang convertible for.
            Sonny was followed by Mr. Al Minter. I must have had a senior moment (or maybe a minute) during Ray’s intro of Al, for I missed Al’s manual and title, but he did a very thorough, yet concise and well-presented explanation of Wealth Management, its pitfalls and rewards.
            Alex Porter served as Master Evaluator and introduced Speech Evaluators, Sam Mullis, and Sunitha Nalla, as well as Grammarian Dana Michelle.
            Jerry Weikle, Presiding Officer, conducted a very brief business meeting, then after introducing himself as Ah bell Ringer/Ballot Counter, presented the meeting’s awards.
Best Table Topic Speaker: Alex Porter
Best Prepared Speaker: Al Minter
Best Evaluator: Sam Mullis
Ah Stick Winner: Paul Junior.  

(Written by Alex Porter) 

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