Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Last meeting at Fairfield Inn- December 28, 2013

Today was our LAST meeting at Fairfield Inn! Our Toastmaster of the day, Matthew Charity, had a most fitting theme for the meeting: "A Trip Down Memory Lane." We had eleven members, and two guests (if you count Jay Johnson as a "guest"!)

Serena opened up the meeting as Presiding Officer. Jerry Weikle shared a thought: "Any fool can criticize, condemn, or complain...most fools do." He introduced our Toastmaster who introduced our Jokemaster, Kathy Kombol. Thomas Kombol listened for good/bad grammar and the word of the day ("egress") as Wordmaster. Shyam Narayan stepped in as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter and Serena Edwards kept the time as Timer.

Jerry Weikle also led our Table Topics section, keeping the theme of the day.
  • Shyam had the question: "As you go down memory lane, do you turn to the right, the left, or continue straight ahead?" Shyam is apparently following the yellow brick road, not turning to the right, but to the left so he won't be left out! And also because he has to turn to the left to look back down memory lane!
  • Paul Junior attempted to answer the question: "How much is a ticket to go down memory lane?" He says to not worry about life!
  • Philip (guest) had the question: "Have you ever gotten lost going down memory lane?" He had never gotten lost, he just couldn't remember where he was. He has a lot of memories and wishes he could have his grandkids first!
  • Jay Johnson answered the question: "Have you ever bought a ticket on memory lane and wanted your money back?" First he had story about the word of the day, "egress." Barnum Bailey had a sign in the circus tent that said: "This way to the egress." Then he said he would never want his money back because it doesn't cost anything to go down memory lane. He goes down it 3-4 times a year when he comes to North Carolina.
  • John Shepherd had the question: "When you go down memory lane, do you focus on when you have screwed up or when things have turned out well?" He said both. He can relive memories--both good and bad. The world's greatest secret is that we become what we think about the most. We need to think and live more optimistically!
Matthew shared his memories, including the first day he attended with a copy of the agenda from February 2008. Joyce and Shyam also joined Goldmine in 2008. They shareed memories of when they first came to Goldmine. Serena shared her memories of first coming to Goldmine and not being able to answer a table topic question.

The prepared speakers gave their speeches:
Joyce spoke from the Storytelling advanced manual (#4: Touching Story). Her speech was titled, "The Miracle on the Farm."  Her touching story was about Billy and his family's farm that was facing a drought. His mom saw him walking slowly to the woods every day. She finds out he was carrying water in his hands to a fawn. The day she found out the compassion of her son, it rained.

Phyllis spoke from Interpretive Reading advanced manual (Melodrama). The title of her speech was "Milk and Murder." Her speech was a melodrama from the viewpoint of Cicely Williams, a Jamaican physician, who spoke about the use of sweetened condensed milk as a substitute for breast milk and the thousands of children who were dying from this substitute.

John Shepherd led the evaluation part of the meeting as General Evaluator. Eugene evaluated Joyce's speech and Jay evaluated Phyllis.

We voted in and had a new member induction for our newest member,  Paul Junior! Serena closed the meeting and led the business session. Reminder: New location starts next week (January 4) at the Rotary Hall, 211 West Avenue, Kannapolis. The next officer meeting will be on January 11.

Best Table Topics Speaker: John
Best Speaker: Joyce
Best Evaluator: Jay
Ah Stick: John

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