Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 4th New Beginning Toastmasters Meeting

Shyam called the meeting to order and introduced Thomas who provided our Thought of the day.  Thomas quoted Zig Ziglar, “Fear has two meanings: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise”

After the Pledge of Allegiance, John was called to serve as Toastmaster.  Jay stepped up to serve as ballot/ah bell counter. 

Ray was introduced as the Jokemaster, Joyce as the Grammarian, and Hal as the Timer.

Al served as Table Topics Master and called on Sharon to discuss her new beginning for Toastmasters in 2014.  Jerry advised what powerful inflection to launch a new beginning.  Cynthia discussed what a new beginning meant to her.

John discussed some famous people that suffered failure, but made great comebacks.  Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Kernel Sanders, and Mary Kay Ash as we entered into the prepared speech portion of our meeting.

Eugene’s “My Adventure of a Lifetime” discussed his unchaperoned European adventure when he was 16 and the experience of meeting the Pope.

Matthew’s “Five Reasons You Should Take an Improv Class” compared Toastmasters with an improvisation class.  He also explained how it will elevate you in give your speeches. With the assistance of Joyce, he provided an example of an improvisation session. 

Ray’s “Job Interview” was a mock interview where Sam was the Interviewer for a position in Texas.

John continued to talk about Muhammad Ali losing his championship and was able to get it back.  Then he brought matters home when he discussed the Panthers comeback to win the last 11 of its 12 games.

When we returned from our break, Kathy introduced Shyam to evaluate Eugene’s speech.  He applauded Eugene for not reading from his notes, used the room, and encouraged everyone to have an adventure.  The grow points Shyam noticed was that he should focus on saying “my adventure” and not repeat the title.

Phyllis advised Matthew that she was impressed with his persuasion to Goldmine effective examples.  She wanted to see the sales pitch earlier in the speech and lost him when he went back to the lectern to continue his speech. 

Jerry advised Ray with interviewing skills as feedback.  He discussed using reflective listening, showing gratitude, and introducing himself to the interviewer. 

Kathy provided her feedback on the meeting and turned the meeting back to Shyam.

Dana joined Goldmine today.  We were reminded that the TLI-West is January 25th and everyone is invited to attend if they are interested in becoming an officer or serving on a committee.  Members also voted in favor to having an improvisation meeting in February.

Jerry won the Best Table Topic Speech, Eugene won Best prepared Speaker, Phyllis, won the Best Evaluator award, and Ray won the “Ah” Stick.

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