Friday, January 17, 2014

January 11, 2014, Goldmine’s second week in our new home!

January 11, 2014, Goldmine’s second week in our new home!

We’re still sorting out options for the best way to handle our fabulous, flexible, and roomy new location…and some are still finding the new location. The coffee’s on!

We had 22 people present, including our newest member Dana Michelle, who was voted in and inducted.  We hope our guest, Ankur had a good time. He was courageous in jumping into doing Table Topics as our Table Topics Master Sharon started a progressive story about our crazy weather.  One of our newest members, Paul added to it, followed by Matthew, and finally Shyam (who won with his crazy driving story…is it a Camaro or a mini-van?)

Georgia served as our TMOD, introduced by our Thought of the Day presenter Eugene, who challenged us to consider that we are shaped by what we think. Sam told a short funny story as our joke, Serena explained her role as Grammarian, and listened for use of our work of the day “virulent” as well as other interesting phrases.  

Jerry had to stay on his toes as timer, to keep track of who qualified.  Jessica’s Ice Breaker (on her third time through the CC manual) told us about how Hind’s Feet Farm has inspired her. Sam evaluated, winning best evaluation (partly because he toed the line on time! John inspired us with “The Elusive Pursuit of Happiness” which Joyce evaluated. Ray had Sonny’s help as he practiced his job interview skills, evaluated by Thomas. Our General Evaluator was Matthew.

In our business meeting, led by Serena as Presiding officer, we discussed our use of the room space and several options that we will be trying.  We also distributed flyers about the upcoming Improv event Feb. 8 for people to post.  We are anticipating TLI (Toastmaster Leadership Institute) East at Duke Jan. 18 and West in Cornelius Jan. 25.  All officers are asked to register, indicating “pay at door” as our Treasurer Thomas will be paying officers’ training fees out of Goldmine funds.  Other members who might work on a committee of an officer or consider an officer role are encouraged to attend (ask any officer for details, or D37 website).  Also upcoming will be the “International Speech Contest” and “Table Topics Contest”….will you compete?  Serena will be Contest Chair.  These spring contests progress from Club level in February/March to Area in the last half of March, then Division in April, and District at the conference May 2-4 which will be held at the Great Wolf Lodge! Let’s all plan to participate in some way!

Hal presented the awards, and adjourned our meeting at 10:10.  We’re getting ready for our next adventure on January 18!

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