Monday, December 9, 2013

Goldmine Meeting - Saturday, Dec. 7

Toastmaster of the Day, Cynthia Randolph, led today's meeting of 17 members. Serena opened the meeting as Presiding Officer. Natashia gave a provoking thought and introduced Cynthia as Toastmaster. The theme of the day was "Precious Moments" with Cynthia sharing some of those moments throughout the meeting.

John Shepherd shared a true life "joke." Thomas gave the word of the day: "titular" as Grammarian/Wordmaster. Karen counted ballots and "uhs/ahs," etc. as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter. Gerry Fenner kept time as the Timer.

Ray Atkinson led the Table Topics section.
  • Georgia answered the first table topics question: "When was the first time you knew you had a talent?" It could be the first time she rode a bike, when she became comfortable singing in chorus or when she started making art. All were precious moments.
  • Eugene Preston talked about his "high school superlative." He said he wasn't the most popular kid in high school so he didn't have a superlative. But if he did, it would be "Most Analytical" because he analyzes everything and always has a plan.
  • Natashia Stewart talked about "the first day at her first job." It was 1999 at General Motors (where she still works). She remembered being nervous and overwhelmed, having to take a test, which she made a 95 on. Since then she has been able to train at a General Motors in Canada.
Prepared speakers included:
  • Kathy Kombol, whose speech is #3 from the CC manual: "Monday Nights at Chapel Hill Underground." 
  • Hal Levin's speech, "I Just Can't Recall: Lessons from My Childhood," was #6 from the CC manual.
  • Sonny Tolbert did a speech from the Advanced manual, Interpretive Reading, #2 "Interpretive Poetry." The interpretation came from the Robert Frost book, "Servant to Servant."
Phyllis Kombol held the General Evaluator position. The evaluators included Mike Hall who evaluated Kathy, Georgia Carlton evaluated Hal, and Shyam Narayan evaluated Sonny.

Business Session:
  1. Congratulations to Thomas Kombol and Ray Atkinson who stepped up as judges for the Cabarrus County Soil & Water Conservation speech contest from middle school students. 
  2. Officer meeting followed the meeting. All members welcome to attend the officer meetings.
  3. People Growing Together Toastmaster in Salisbury are having a speaking workshop Jan. 9-30 on Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Registration is $20. For more information, contact Tim Edwards at 704-279-9542 or RSVP by Jan. 3, 2014.
  4. Matthew Charity is stepping up to chair the Youth Leadership Program at the spring conference at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord. Volunteers are needed for the Friday of the conference.
Best Table Topic Speaker: Eugene
Best Speaker: Kathy
Best Evaluator: Shyam
"Ah" Stick: Mike

Next week's Toastmaster: Thomas Kombol

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