Sunday, December 22, 2013

12/14/13 The climate and weather meeting

At the beginning of our meeting, Serena passed around a picture she took with "Santa Sam" Mullis to provide proof he exist.  Ray provided the Thought of the Day stating that we need change of climate because 9 out of 10 times, that is our conversation starter. 
Sam provided the Word of the Day (WOD) stating it originated in the 1700s by a folktale, Princes of Serendipity.  The WOD was Serendipity. 

After the Toastmaster of the Day, Thomas was introduced and roles were explained, Sonny proceeded to lead the Table Topics.  Serena explained what she would do if her nose was red like Rudolph.   Matthew explained how he would feel if his wish for a White Christmas was granted.  Ray described what he would do if Sonny had to stay the night due to the weather.  Sonny had to repeat the question to each guest because they weren't expecting to be called upon.

Sonny turned the meeting to Thomas.  Thomas listed half the states that experienced snow storms this week and provided the names for each of the storms.  He led the meeting to the prepared speeches portion:

Phyllis shared 3 selections from a book by Anthony S. Abbot from Davidson College.  They were "Grand Central Station", "Coming of Age", and "If Words Could Save Us" from the title of the book.

After providing written feedback, Thomas named the other half of the states that received 3-35 inches of snow.

Al's persuasive speech explained how Toastmasters is not a destination; it is a journey.  He listed the first ten objectives to the Competent Communicator.  He explained how you can't get this on the MBA and Ph.D. level.  You only get this through the journey.  He discussed the benefits of Table Topics and Evaluations.  He called it a laboratory for leaders.  He explained the Club level, Area level, and Division level leadership to help continue the journey.  There is always room for improvement.  He encouraged everyone to stay in Toastmasters and for those thinking about it to join.

After providing written feedback, Thomas stated over 1,000 flights were canceled at Dallas-Fort Worth due to the inclement weather.

Sharon read "Mother: A Cradle to Hold Me" by Dr. Maya Angelou and used her mother as a "prop".

Thomas spoke about Winter Storm Electra and then we went on a 15 minute break.

Georgia took over the meeting as the General Evaluator and called Jerry to provide his suggestions for Phyllis.  Jerry stated her hand gestures and body movement added to the story and she should work on her inflections.  Serena evaluated Al's speech and enjoyed his journey, organization, introduction, gestures, and the way he left us with a very good thought.  She wanted more persuasion and less facts.  Ray evaluated Sharon's speech and advised it was a great idea to bring her mom to carry out the thought of the author.  The speech had its dry moments and was monotone at points.

Sam stated the WOD was used 3 times and stated "very good" is over used.  It should be good, better, best.  Georgia provided feedback of the meeting and acknowledged our guests. 

Matthew won the Best Table Topic Speech
Al won the Best Prepared Speaker Award
Serena won the Best Evaluator Award
Ray won the "Ah" Stick

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