Monday, December 23, 2013

Elves at Goldmine December 21, 2013

Elves were Everywhere at Goldmine December 21, 2013!

Our Toastmaster of the day, Jessica (Puddin Sugar-Socks), had us each identify our elf names (based on the first letter of first name and month of birth, then she added some snacks, small gifts as awards, holiday recipes for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza…AND fun facts about things such as National Eggnog Day (who would’ve thought there was one?!). Twinkle Monkey-Buns (Mike) started us off with a thought about the real spirit of Christmas.

Guests Paul (now our newest member) “Jingle Plum-Pants”, and Dana “Happy Peppermint” got right into the swing of the craziness with us.

Sugar Plum Plum-Pants (Thomas, our Treasurer) served as Presiding Officer in the absence of our other officers and was also our General Evaluator.  Elvis Superplum (Sunitha) took her first turn as wordmaster/grammarian, with “observant” being the word of the day. Jingle Pickle-Pants (Phyllis) timed while Tootsie Monkey-Buns (Hal) counted Ahs and Ballots.

Visiting TM from Florida “Puddin Plum-Pants” (Jay) was Table Topics Master.  Puddin Pickle-Pants (Jerry) told about his favorite holiday movie (“It’s a Wonderful Life”), Jolly Pickle-Pants (Ray) told about special holiday foods that while memorable, were not necessarily his favorite,  Tootsie Monkey-Buns (Hal) shared memories of favorite activities/events which for him involved fireworks.  The winner was Jingle Pickle-Pants (Phyllis) with commentary about favorite gifts to give & receive being services rather than things.

Our 2 very experienced speakers were Santa himself (Sam) who shared the U.S. Marines’ version of “The Night Before Christmas,” Puddin Plum Pants Also (John) who won best speaker using some fabulous audiovisuals to show how both digital and paper photographs can be preserved and collected into Photobooks. 

Evaluators were another Elf Elvis (Sonny) Jolly Pickle Pants (Ray), respectively, with Sonny receiving the best evaluator award.

During the business meeting we discussed the plan to move meetings to the Rotary Hall at 211 West Avenue in downtown Kannapolis, starting with the first January 2014 meeting.  Our new Post Office box address was also announced: P.O. Box 902, Kannapolis, NC 28082-0902, with the reminder that dues will be due January 1, so members are reminded to send in checks for quarterly dues of $60 either by mail or in person to our Treasurer Thomas.

The December 20 evening social event at Shyam’s was declared a success by those who were able to attend, with fun table topics and crazy sox, in addition to many bits of delicious food and drink.

According to the published schedule, our Toastmaster for the coming week’s meeting on December 28th (our final meeting at the Fairfield Inn) will be Matthew, and a preliminary review of roles confirmed several, with a number of roles still needing confirmation or substitutes.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

12/14/13 The climate and weather meeting

At the beginning of our meeting, Serena passed around a picture she took with "Santa Sam" Mullis to provide proof he exist.  Ray provided the Thought of the Day stating that we need change of climate because 9 out of 10 times, that is our conversation starter. 
Sam provided the Word of the Day (WOD) stating it originated in the 1700s by a folktale, Princes of Serendipity.  The WOD was Serendipity. 

After the Toastmaster of the Day, Thomas was introduced and roles were explained, Sonny proceeded to lead the Table Topics.  Serena explained what she would do if her nose was red like Rudolph.   Matthew explained how he would feel if his wish for a White Christmas was granted.  Ray described what he would do if Sonny had to stay the night due to the weather.  Sonny had to repeat the question to each guest because they weren't expecting to be called upon.

Sonny turned the meeting to Thomas.  Thomas listed half the states that experienced snow storms this week and provided the names for each of the storms.  He led the meeting to the prepared speeches portion:

Phyllis shared 3 selections from a book by Anthony S. Abbot from Davidson College.  They were "Grand Central Station", "Coming of Age", and "If Words Could Save Us" from the title of the book.

After providing written feedback, Thomas named the other half of the states that received 3-35 inches of snow.

Al's persuasive speech explained how Toastmasters is not a destination; it is a journey.  He listed the first ten objectives to the Competent Communicator.  He explained how you can't get this on the MBA and Ph.D. level.  You only get this through the journey.  He discussed the benefits of Table Topics and Evaluations.  He called it a laboratory for leaders.  He explained the Club level, Area level, and Division level leadership to help continue the journey.  There is always room for improvement.  He encouraged everyone to stay in Toastmasters and for those thinking about it to join.

After providing written feedback, Thomas stated over 1,000 flights were canceled at Dallas-Fort Worth due to the inclement weather.

Sharon read "Mother: A Cradle to Hold Me" by Dr. Maya Angelou and used her mother as a "prop".

Thomas spoke about Winter Storm Electra and then we went on a 15 minute break.

Georgia took over the meeting as the General Evaluator and called Jerry to provide his suggestions for Phyllis.  Jerry stated her hand gestures and body movement added to the story and she should work on her inflections.  Serena evaluated Al's speech and enjoyed his journey, organization, introduction, gestures, and the way he left us with a very good thought.  She wanted more persuasion and less facts.  Ray evaluated Sharon's speech and advised it was a great idea to bring her mom to carry out the thought of the author.  The speech had its dry moments and was monotone at points.

Sam stated the WOD was used 3 times and stated "very good" is over used.  It should be good, better, best.  Georgia provided feedback of the meeting and acknowledged our guests. 

Matthew won the Best Table Topic Speech
Al won the Best Prepared Speaker Award
Serena won the Best Evaluator Award
Ray won the "Ah" Stick

Monday, December 9, 2013

Goldmine Meeting - Saturday, Dec. 7

Toastmaster of the Day, Cynthia Randolph, led today's meeting of 17 members. Serena opened the meeting as Presiding Officer. Natashia gave a provoking thought and introduced Cynthia as Toastmaster. The theme of the day was "Precious Moments" with Cynthia sharing some of those moments throughout the meeting.

John Shepherd shared a true life "joke." Thomas gave the word of the day: "titular" as Grammarian/Wordmaster. Karen counted ballots and "uhs/ahs," etc. as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter. Gerry Fenner kept time as the Timer.

Ray Atkinson led the Table Topics section.
  • Georgia answered the first table topics question: "When was the first time you knew you had a talent?" It could be the first time she rode a bike, when she became comfortable singing in chorus or when she started making art. All were precious moments.
  • Eugene Preston talked about his "high school superlative." He said he wasn't the most popular kid in high school so he didn't have a superlative. But if he did, it would be "Most Analytical" because he analyzes everything and always has a plan.
  • Natashia Stewart talked about "the first day at her first job." It was 1999 at General Motors (where she still works). She remembered being nervous and overwhelmed, having to take a test, which she made a 95 on. Since then she has been able to train at a General Motors in Canada.
Prepared speakers included:
  • Kathy Kombol, whose speech is #3 from the CC manual: "Monday Nights at Chapel Hill Underground." 
  • Hal Levin's speech, "I Just Can't Recall: Lessons from My Childhood," was #6 from the CC manual.
  • Sonny Tolbert did a speech from the Advanced manual, Interpretive Reading, #2 "Interpretive Poetry." The interpretation came from the Robert Frost book, "Servant to Servant."
Phyllis Kombol held the General Evaluator position. The evaluators included Mike Hall who evaluated Kathy, Georgia Carlton evaluated Hal, and Shyam Narayan evaluated Sonny.

Business Session:
  1. Congratulations to Thomas Kombol and Ray Atkinson who stepped up as judges for the Cabarrus County Soil & Water Conservation speech contest from middle school students. 
  2. Officer meeting followed the meeting. All members welcome to attend the officer meetings.
  3. People Growing Together Toastmaster in Salisbury are having a speaking workshop Jan. 9-30 on Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Registration is $20. For more information, contact Tim Edwards at 704-279-9542 or RSVP by Jan. 3, 2014.
  4. Matthew Charity is stepping up to chair the Youth Leadership Program at the spring conference at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord. Volunteers are needed for the Friday of the conference.
Best Table Topic Speaker: Eugene
Best Speaker: Kathy
Best Evaluator: Shyam
"Ah" Stick: Mike

Next week's Toastmaster: Thomas Kombol

Sunday, December 1, 2013

November 30th Goldmine Meeting (Club #241)

November 30th Goldmine Meeting

Our Presiding Officer Shyam Narayan called the meeting to order and Phyllis Kombol presented the Thought of the Day.  Our Toastmaster Eugene Preston announced the meeting's theme this week to be "Shopping Madness," in honor of Black Friday, then introduced our Jokemaster, Thomas Kombol.  The Grammarian was Joyce Preston, the Timer was Phyllis Kombol and our Ah Bell/Ballot Counter was Thomas Kombol.
John Shepherd gave our Table Topics, which centered around the theme of shopping madness and Black Friday.  

  • Shyam Narayan talked about his Black Friday, and the shopping madness he experienced back when the world was going to end in 2012.  His table topic was more on the humorous side.
  • Jerry Weikel told us the negative side of Black Friday, being that it takes away from the Thanksgiving holiday.  He made valid points that most stores should be closed for Thanksgiving, but are staying open for early shoppers.
  • Natashia Stewart told us how shopping is usually fun on Black Friday, but this year was not so fun for her.  
  • Joyce Preston told us what she thought about internet shopping vs. store shopping.  
The Speakers were:
  • Georgia Carlton,  Georgia's speech was titled "Why you should lock your doors and stay inside on Black Friday."  She gave her audience reasons why they should take advantage of their Friday without shopping.  Her speech was 5-7 minutes long.
  • Cynthia Randolph's speech was titled "Evaluate to Motivate."  She told us about the importance of evaluations in toastmasters, and how to "tell and sell."  She left the audience feeling motivated and kept our focus during her 10-12 minute speech.  
Jerry Weikel served as our General Evaluator, and introduced our evaluators.  Gerry Fenner evaluated Georgia Carlton and Hal Levin evaluated Cynthia Randolph.  
All evaluators and prepared speakers qualified on time.  

Best Speaker:  Cynthia Randolph 
Best Table Topics Speaker:  Joyce Preston
Best Evaluator:  Hal Levin

Order of Business:
  • We will be moving to our new location at the Rotary Club on January 1, 2013.
  • The time that we will have the open house to our new location will be announced at a later time.
  • TLI East will take place on Saturday, January 18th at the Duke Campus.  Exact times and locations will be announced closer to the event.
  • Shyam has announced that his holiday party will be held on December 22nd.