Saturday, November 2, 2013

October 26 Meeting

Today's meeting was sparse but fun! Shyam led the meeting as Toastmaster, filling in roles at the last minute. Serena opened the meeting as Presiding Officer, introducing the Thought of the Day presenter, Al Minter.

Matthew shared an "atrocious" joke, Jay Johnson (our wonderful guest from the sunny state of Florida) listened for grammatical gems and errors and the word of the day (atrocious). Sonny manned the timer while Bill counted the votes and the "ahs" and double clutches and "sos" and "and sos" and so on.

Shyam stepped in as Table Topics Master having us all write down two words or phrases and then drawing two words/phrases from a hat (er, box).
  • Matthew was called on the share about the words, "If at first you don't succeed..." and "blue dog." We found out Matthew should have stayed in bed due to a fog in the brain. "If at first I don't succeed...either red dog or blue dog." Uh?
  • Ray got the word "winter" and the phrase "Can't we all just get along?" He doesn't see a lot of people in the winter time but when spring comes, we see people more. So "let's just get along!" 
  • Jay's word/phrase was "calendar" and "faster than the speed of light." He said his childhood hero Superman is faster than the speed of light. Also as a child, he flipped the calendar. Now he is flipping the calendar at the speed of light. He especially likes flipping the calendar to October every year so he can visit Goldmine! (We like that too, Jay!)
  • Sonny received the words "chocolate cheesecake" and "getting hanged." His mother and grandmother baked chocolate cheesecake and as a little boy he grabbed a cheesecake to his tree house and ate it by the handfuls. Soon the whole community was standing under his tree house saying, "Boy, we going to hang you by the heels!" So he ate it all!
  • Bill 's word "swimming" and phrase "falling in love," made him think of Joseph Campbell who said a seizure was like falling in love. So you shouldn't fall in love while swimming because halfway across you may decide it's not worth it. Both swimming and falling in love are apparently both dangerous.
 The prepared speakers included John Shepherd who spoke from the CC manual, project #9 and was titled "Immigration Reform: Time to Act." Eugene Preston gave his second speech from the CC manual titled, "Growing Pains."

Serena took over as General Evaluator and called on Al to evaluate John and Matthew to evaluate Eugene. Jay gave a great report as Grammarian. Serena gave some points of improvement in her evaluation, including making sure to arrive early (by 8:20, especially if you have a role), and being prepared as a speaker by walking up right before being called by the Toastmaster.

Serena took over again as Presiding Officer to lead the business meeting. Richard Archer Day is Nov. 9. Bill gave out the awards and closed the meeting:
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Bill
  • Best Speaker: Eugene 
  • Best Evaluator: Matthew
  • "Ah" Stick Winner: Al
Meeting ended at 10:00 a.m. 

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