Friday, November 8, 2013

November 2nd Toastmaster Promise

Serena called the meeting to order and introduced Shyam to provide the Thought of the Day.  Shyam informed us that today is the first day of Diwali, stated it is a time to celebrate love and wants us to reflect on its meaning.  After the Pledge of Allegiance, he introduced our Toastmaster.  Joyce introduced our theme—the Toastmaster Promise.  She explained that one of our promise is to attend meetings.  Thomas told a joke about three guys having to take the stairs to a 600 story building. Georgia introduced our word of the day—reciprocal.  Our newest member, Natashia discussed her role as the timer.  She was assisted by Shyam and his son.
Joyce advised that another promise is to serve the club when promised to do so.  Phyllis served as table topics master and called upon Sharon, Thomas, and Shyam.  Sharon talk about using a bed sheet with holes in it to go as a ghost for Halloween.  Thomas stated he didn’t have a favorite saint and we should celebrate all the saints in their own special way.  Shyam stated his biggest challenge about moving was the first time he moved from home to get his Bachelor degree.
Promise #8: Bring guest to the club to see the benefits of Toastmasters
Mike did a humorous speech using tales from the website and its book.  He pointed out that we should stop and think before you act.
Promise #3: Prepare and fulfill assignments
Gerry’s speech compared birds to humans and explained why we should emulate an eagle.
Promise #4: Provide fellow members with helpful, insightful, evaluative feedback.
Al provided three objectives to invest with confidence.
Promise #5: Help each other in a positive and friendly environment
After a brief recess, we returned to evaluations.
Sam advised that Mike should expand his gestures and spend more time in preparing his speech.
Cynthia advised that Gerry’s ending would have served well as an opening.  She provided very good definitions, content and speech order.
Jessica advised Al that since he was an advanced speaker, she will evaluate him on his mannerisms harshly.  However, she did it gracefully and with a smile.
Georgia stated the Joyce used the word of the day three times today and gave kudos to Matthew for using the “tongue suppressant award”.
Serena provided feedback of the meeting and advised that we should watch our tone during evaluations to keep it more positive and constructive.  When someone is at the podium, they need the audience’s undivided attention. 
We inducted Natashia Stewart to the club.  Sharon stated she need more bloggers.  Jessica thanked Mike and Phyllis for helping with the Youth leadership Program.  Joyce stated our division took 1st place in the Humorous speech contest and 2nd in the Evaluation contest.  Phyllis stated our next division conference is in May.  Shyam won best table topic speech, Al the best speaker, Sam the best evaluator, and Natashia won the Ah stick.

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