Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 16th Club 241 Toastmasters Meeting

November 16, 2013 Meeting

Goldmine Meeting --- Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Our Presiding Officer Serena Edwards called the meeting to order and Phyllis Kombol presented the Thought of the Day.  Our Toastmaster Karen Boothe announced the meeting's theme this week to be "Purposefully Joyful," then introduced our Jokemaster Serena Edwards.  The Grammarian was Serena Edwards, the Timer was Georgia Carlton and our Ah Bell/Ballot Counter was Thomas Kombol.
Joyce Preston gave our Table Topics, which I would say went well with our Purposefully Joyful theme.  

  • Thomas Kombol gave his table topic on the "delightful" parts of his week.  
  • Georgia Carlton table topic was about the "incendiaries" in her life. 
  • Eugene Preston expressed to us his love for Chinese food.
  • Serena Edwards told us about texting and driving, and why we shouldn't.
The Speakers were:
  • Shyam Narayanwas speaking to inform, and the title of his speech was "Survival of the Prepared."  For demonstration he brought in his camping gear, using its contents as visual aids through his presentation, while also telling us the importance of each item in the bag, as he camps through the night.  His speech was 5-7 minutes long.
  • Al Minter was completing Project 5 in his CC manual, the Body Speaks speech.  The name of his speech was "The Next Transformation," that reminded us to keep going when life gets us down, and he weaved his message to always keep moving towards our next transformations.  His speech was 5-7 minutes long
Eugene Preston served as our General Evaluator, and introduced our evaluators.  Phyllis Kombol evaluated Shyam Narayan and John Shepherd evaluated Al Minter.  
All evaluators and prepared speakers qualified on time.  

Best Speaker:  Al Minter and Shyam Narayan both won.  They were that good.  
Best Table Topics Speaker:  Serena Edwards
Best Evaluator:  John Shepherd

Order of Business:

Today we discussed Club 241's potential move to the Rotary Club in Downtown Kannapolis.  Price, space and accessibly were the main concerns from today's present members.  Member input is necessary for the move, we need to know how everyone feels about it, so please bring your concerns to the next meeting.  Thank you.

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