Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gratitude Meeting

The meeting was called to order promptly at 8:30 AM by Serena.  Karen provided the Thought of the Day and led us to the Pledge of Allegiance.  She introduced us to Phyllis, our Toastmaster of the Meeting.  Phyllis took the lectern and advised due to the holiday season, her theme will be Gratitude.  She also discussed changes to the schedule.  Matthew provided the Joke of the Day about a conversation between a drunk and a priest involving arthritis and The Pope.
Georgia served double duty by serving as Grammarian and Table Topic Master. 
Joyce explained why she felt E.T. was the worst movie because of her experience during a date.
Cynthia discussed how love is the foundation of everything.  If you're loved; you're respectful.
Sharon discussed her alter ego Shuran would be the name she would choose if she could name herself.
Eric explained how we place ourselves in situations for good and bad luck.  He believes in luck; however, we create our own luck,

Phyllis advised that she is grateful for being a member and connections she made.  Goldmine connects us through so many different ways.  She began to introduce our first speaker, Ray, who gave his Ice Breaker Speech.

Ray spoke about his active cycling lifestyle and explained his experience in the "people centric society" Netherlands.

Thomas' speech consist of his time in Iceland and discussed the different types of rocks he found.  After this speech, Thomas completed his 10th speech and earned his Competent Communicator Award.

Jerry talked about an annual tradition in Concord that dates back to 1928.  He explained why you should go instead of stay home.

After our break, Joyce evaluated Ray's speech where she commended him for eye contact and enjoyed his bike advocacy.  Cynthia evaluated Thomas' speech and advised that she appreciates how he used a number of different types of visual aids to support his topic.  Sharon evaluated Jerry's speech and advised how she appreciated the audience participation to persuade people to his proposal.

Serena provided her evaluation of the meeting after calling on Karen to give her report of using our word of the day: Onerous (burdensome, obligations) and other fun uses of the English language.

Serena asked our guest to comment on the meeting, conducted Toastmasters business, confirmed next week's roles, and called upon Georgia to present the awards.

Cynthia won Best Table Topic Speech
Jerry won Best Prepared Speaker
Joyce won Best Evaluator
Thomas won the "Ah" stick.

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