Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gratitude Meeting

The meeting was called to order promptly at 8:30 AM by Serena.  Karen provided the Thought of the Day and led us to the Pledge of Allegiance.  She introduced us to Phyllis, our Toastmaster of the Meeting.  Phyllis took the lectern and advised due to the holiday season, her theme will be Gratitude.  She also discussed changes to the schedule.  Matthew provided the Joke of the Day about a conversation between a drunk and a priest involving arthritis and The Pope.
Georgia served double duty by serving as Grammarian and Table Topic Master. 
Joyce explained why she felt E.T. was the worst movie because of her experience during a date.
Cynthia discussed how love is the foundation of everything.  If you're loved; you're respectful.
Sharon discussed her alter ego Shuran would be the name she would choose if she could name herself.
Eric explained how we place ourselves in situations for good and bad luck.  He believes in luck; however, we create our own luck,

Phyllis advised that she is grateful for being a member and connections she made.  Goldmine connects us through so many different ways.  She began to introduce our first speaker, Ray, who gave his Ice Breaker Speech.

Ray spoke about his active cycling lifestyle and explained his experience in the "people centric society" Netherlands.

Thomas' speech consist of his time in Iceland and discussed the different types of rocks he found.  After this speech, Thomas completed his 10th speech and earned his Competent Communicator Award.

Jerry talked about an annual tradition in Concord that dates back to 1928.  He explained why you should go instead of stay home.

After our break, Joyce evaluated Ray's speech where she commended him for eye contact and enjoyed his bike advocacy.  Cynthia evaluated Thomas' speech and advised that she appreciates how he used a number of different types of visual aids to support his topic.  Sharon evaluated Jerry's speech and advised how she appreciated the audience participation to persuade people to his proposal.

Serena provided her evaluation of the meeting after calling on Karen to give her report of using our word of the day: Onerous (burdensome, obligations) and other fun uses of the English language.

Serena asked our guest to comment on the meeting, conducted Toastmasters business, confirmed next week's roles, and called upon Georgia to present the awards.

Cynthia won Best Table Topic Speech
Jerry won Best Prepared Speaker
Joyce won Best Evaluator
Thomas won the "Ah" stick.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 16th Club 241 Toastmasters Meeting

November 16, 2013 Meeting

Goldmine Meeting --- Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Our Presiding Officer Serena Edwards called the meeting to order and Phyllis Kombol presented the Thought of the Day.  Our Toastmaster Karen Boothe announced the meeting's theme this week to be "Purposefully Joyful," then introduced our Jokemaster Serena Edwards.  The Grammarian was Serena Edwards, the Timer was Georgia Carlton and our Ah Bell/Ballot Counter was Thomas Kombol.
Joyce Preston gave our Table Topics, which I would say went well with our Purposefully Joyful theme.  

  • Thomas Kombol gave his table topic on the "delightful" parts of his week.  
  • Georgia Carlton table topic was about the "incendiaries" in her life. 
  • Eugene Preston expressed to us his love for Chinese food.
  • Serena Edwards told us about texting and driving, and why we shouldn't.
The Speakers were:
  • Shyam Narayanwas speaking to inform, and the title of his speech was "Survival of the Prepared."  For demonstration he brought in his camping gear, using its contents as visual aids through his presentation, while also telling us the importance of each item in the bag, as he camps through the night.  His speech was 5-7 minutes long.
  • Al Minter was completing Project 5 in his CC manual, the Body Speaks speech.  The name of his speech was "The Next Transformation," that reminded us to keep going when life gets us down, and he weaved his message to always keep moving towards our next transformations.  His speech was 5-7 minutes long
Eugene Preston served as our General Evaluator, and introduced our evaluators.  Phyllis Kombol evaluated Shyam Narayan and John Shepherd evaluated Al Minter.  
All evaluators and prepared speakers qualified on time.  

Best Speaker:  Al Minter and Shyam Narayan both won.  They were that good.  
Best Table Topics Speaker:  Serena Edwards
Best Evaluator:  John Shepherd

Order of Business:

Today we discussed Club 241's potential move to the Rotary Club in Downtown Kannapolis.  Price, space and accessibly were the main concerns from today's present members.  Member input is necessary for the move, we need to know how everyone feels about it, so please bring your concerns to the next meeting.  Thank you.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Roaster Retiree Richard

On Nov. 9, Goldmine roasted Retiree Richard Archer to a golden turn.  We were happy to have guests Sue Archer, Diane Shepherd, Willie Nodine, Barney Barnum, Kent Edwards, Kim Jackson, Betty Walker, and Ken Miller, as well as reporter Susan Shinn. With Richard, the guests, and 15 Goldmine members, the room was full.  Serena Edwards, Goldmine President opened the meeting as presiding officer and also shared some of the unwritten rules of golf (some of which we are sure Richard has broken). We modified the meeting format so that our Richard Archer theme allowed for additional speakers to tell stories about Richard, and to let him respond to the roasters, so speech evaluations were given in written form by Jerry Weikle, Kathy Kombol, and Phyllis Kombol.

Sonny started us with a thought and the pledge, Karen Boothe was Timer, Cynthia Randolph was Grammarian with gravitas, and Eugene Preston counted Ballots and Ahs.  Matthew Charity served up Richard’s roast as the Toastmaster.

Al Minter’s Table Topics asked Ken Miller to describe Richard’s golf game from the perspective of the golf ball.  Phyllis Kombol described Richard’s greatest failing as not being able to make us go away.  Joyce told us how Richard was worth listening to, as least in her estimation because of his Tilly Hat speech.  Kathy Kombol was asked to tell about what she might hear as a fly in the car when Richard was heading off to vacation, and Jerry Weikle described a possible political theme for Richard, “Do no more than you have to.”

All of the prepared speeches were about Richard, too.  Richard is “More Memorable than…(Meatloaf, Golf, and Fishing)” according to Kim Jackson, who also remembered Richard’s “Enabler,” the resource notebook that allowed him to fill almost any role at the drop of a hat. Sonny Tolbert told what seemed like a tall tale about Richard’s days as a disco dancer…or was it maybe true?! Barney Barnum channeled many members from the past, including Jay Nodine, Ray Coates, and Lee Johnston in his speech “Sir Richard.” John Shepherd closed out this section of our meeting with his “Tribute to Richard Archer.”

Holding this whole show together was our very able Roastmaster, Matthew Charity, who added some extra levity by explaining why “TGIF” was Richard’s mother’s way of helping him with his shoe difficulty by reminding him that “Toes Go In First.”  Matthew also made fun of Richard’s Mazda pickup, explaining how you could make it go from 0 to 60 in less than 15 seconds by pushing it off a cliff, and why the last 2 pages of the owner’s manual included the bus schedule.

Additional roast comments were supplied by Alex Porter, who explained Richard, like himself, has a low entertainment threshold. Betty reminisced about her own gullibility in believing Richard’s story about the Warrior Fish of Lake Tillery. Karen Boothe added a heartfelt “thank you” to Richard for all he has meant to our Goldmine group.

Richard did have his chance to respond to all of his roasters, but had to admit we got a lot of it right and true.  He is hoping to travel, and perhaps be able to return occasionally, and assured us that he takes away many fond memories, along with accolades, awards, and a very fine plaque commemorating his many years as a Goldmine member. This was a morning as golden as they come at Goldmine Toastmasters.

Friday, November 8, 2013

November 2nd Toastmaster Promise

Serena called the meeting to order and introduced Shyam to provide the Thought of the Day.  Shyam informed us that today is the first day of Diwali, stated it is a time to celebrate love and wants us to reflect on its meaning.  After the Pledge of Allegiance, he introduced our Toastmaster.  Joyce introduced our theme—the Toastmaster Promise.  She explained that one of our promise is to attend meetings.  Thomas told a joke about three guys having to take the stairs to a 600 story building. Georgia introduced our word of the day—reciprocal.  Our newest member, Natashia discussed her role as the timer.  She was assisted by Shyam and his son.
Joyce advised that another promise is to serve the club when promised to do so.  Phyllis served as table topics master and called upon Sharon, Thomas, and Shyam.  Sharon talk about using a bed sheet with holes in it to go as a ghost for Halloween.  Thomas stated he didn’t have a favorite saint and we should celebrate all the saints in their own special way.  Shyam stated his biggest challenge about moving was the first time he moved from home to get his Bachelor degree.
Promise #8: Bring guest to the club to see the benefits of Toastmasters
Mike did a humorous speech using tales from the website and its book.  He pointed out that we should stop and think before you act.
Promise #3: Prepare and fulfill assignments
Gerry’s speech compared birds to humans and explained why we should emulate an eagle.
Promise #4: Provide fellow members with helpful, insightful, evaluative feedback.
Al provided three objectives to invest with confidence.
Promise #5: Help each other in a positive and friendly environment
After a brief recess, we returned to evaluations.
Sam advised that Mike should expand his gestures and spend more time in preparing his speech.
Cynthia advised that Gerry’s ending would have served well as an opening.  She provided very good definitions, content and speech order.
Jessica advised Al that since he was an advanced speaker, she will evaluate him on his mannerisms harshly.  However, she did it gracefully and with a smile.
Georgia stated the Joyce used the word of the day three times today and gave kudos to Matthew for using the “tongue suppressant award”.
Serena provided feedback of the meeting and advised that we should watch our tone during evaluations to keep it more positive and constructive.  When someone is at the podium, they need the audience’s undivided attention. 
We inducted Natashia Stewart to the club.  Sharon stated she need more bloggers.  Jessica thanked Mike and Phyllis for helping with the Youth leadership Program.  Joyce stated our division took 1st place in the Humorous speech contest and 2nd in the Evaluation contest.  Phyllis stated our next division conference is in May.  Shyam won best table topic speech, Al the best speaker, Sam the best evaluator, and Natashia won the Ah stick.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

October 26 Meeting

Today's meeting was sparse but fun! Shyam led the meeting as Toastmaster, filling in roles at the last minute. Serena opened the meeting as Presiding Officer, introducing the Thought of the Day presenter, Al Minter.

Matthew shared an "atrocious" joke, Jay Johnson (our wonderful guest from the sunny state of Florida) listened for grammatical gems and errors and the word of the day (atrocious). Sonny manned the timer while Bill counted the votes and the "ahs" and double clutches and "sos" and "and sos" and so on.

Shyam stepped in as Table Topics Master having us all write down two words or phrases and then drawing two words/phrases from a hat (er, box).
  • Matthew was called on the share about the words, "If at first you don't succeed..." and "blue dog." We found out Matthew should have stayed in bed due to a fog in the brain. "If at first I don't succeed...either red dog or blue dog." Uh?
  • Ray got the word "winter" and the phrase "Can't we all just get along?" He doesn't see a lot of people in the winter time but when spring comes, we see people more. So "let's just get along!" 
  • Jay's word/phrase was "calendar" and "faster than the speed of light." He said his childhood hero Superman is faster than the speed of light. Also as a child, he flipped the calendar. Now he is flipping the calendar at the speed of light. He especially likes flipping the calendar to October every year so he can visit Goldmine! (We like that too, Jay!)
  • Sonny received the words "chocolate cheesecake" and "getting hanged." His mother and grandmother baked chocolate cheesecake and as a little boy he grabbed a cheesecake to his tree house and ate it by the handfuls. Soon the whole community was standing under his tree house saying, "Boy, we going to hang you by the heels!" So he ate it all!
  • Bill 's word "swimming" and phrase "falling in love," made him think of Joseph Campbell who said a seizure was like falling in love. So you shouldn't fall in love while swimming because halfway across you may decide it's not worth it. Both swimming and falling in love are apparently both dangerous.
 The prepared speakers included John Shepherd who spoke from the CC manual, project #9 and was titled "Immigration Reform: Time to Act." Eugene Preston gave his second speech from the CC manual titled, "Growing Pains."

Serena took over as General Evaluator and called on Al to evaluate John and Matthew to evaluate Eugene. Jay gave a great report as Grammarian. Serena gave some points of improvement in her evaluation, including making sure to arrive early (by 8:20, especially if you have a role), and being prepared as a speaker by walking up right before being called by the Toastmaster.

Serena took over again as Presiding Officer to lead the business meeting. Richard Archer Day is Nov. 9. Bill gave out the awards and closed the meeting:
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Bill
  • Best Speaker: Eugene 
  • Best Evaluator: Matthew
  • "Ah" Stick Winner: Al
Meeting ended at 10:00 a.m.