Saturday, October 5, 2013

October 5, 2013 Meeting

Goldmine Meeting --- Saturday, October 5, 2013

Todays theme was Columbus Day here at Goldmine!  
This morning out Presiding Officer Serena Edwards called the meeting to order and Kathy Kombol presented the Thought of the Day.  Our Toastmaster (TMOD), Sharon Davis announced the program changes, then Phyllis gave the joke.  The Grammarian was John Shepherd, the Timer was Sonny Tolbert, and our Ah Bell/Ballot Counter was Gerry Fenner.
Georgia Carlton gave our Table Topics, with questions relating to the Columbus Day theme.
  • Kathy Kombol talked about what holiday she would create and what would it be celebrating.  Halloween in the summer of course!  
  • Thomas Kombol told us what he would do if he could turn back time and discover any land before it was taken and what he would do with that land.
  • John Shepherd told us what he would name his boats if he were King Ferdinand sending his ships from Spain.
  • Phyllis Kombol wrapped up the Toastmaster segment of our meeting with What Columbus Day meant to her.  
The speakers for today were:
  • Matthew Charity, He gave his Project 3 Speech, Sell the Product.  He convinced us that US Postal service was the way to go when deciding between its competitor, Private Postal service.  
  • Dale Wagstaff did an interview with Ray and Sonny today, talking about their journey "Down the Decent" on their hike to Linville Gorge this past weekend.   

Karen Boothe served as our General Evaluator today, and introduced our evaluators.  Ray evaluated Matthew Charity, and Serena Edwards evaluated Dale Wagstaff.  
Matthew unfortunately disqualified, speaking for 8 minutes and 35 seconds on an 8 minute long speech.  All evaluators qualified on time.  

Best Speaker:  Dale
Best Table Topics Speaker:  Phyllis
Best Evaluator:  Serena
"Ah" Stick:  Matthew

Order of Business:
  1. Next Week's Contest:  The meeting will be ending early next week by no later than 10:00 AM.  Those that are attending the Division B contest will need to depart.
  2.  We need BLOGGERS, like me.  :)  We would love to get some more involvement.  We can all run this blog together, and have a really great time!
  3. Dale announced today that he is trying to plan a fishing trip this October.  The date is TBA, but the details will be with us soon.  
  4.  We inducted a new member today, Ray Atkinson!  We will have another induction ceremony in the near future for Eugene Preston and Natashia Stewart.
The meeting ended at 10:05 today, and was followed by an officer meeting.

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  1. Good job Georgia! I am properly impressed with your first blog.