Friday, September 20, 2013

Wilderness Backpacking Meeting 9/7/2013

Meeting was called to order by Serena Edwards where she welcomed our guest Ms. Alethia and Dana Merck.  She introduced Richard who provided our thought of the day, led us through our pledge of allegiance and introduced the Toastmaster, Dale Wagstaff.

Dale announced our theme was motivated from his most recent backpacking adventure and advised a group will be going to an adventure this fall.  He introduced Joyce, our Jokemaster; Hal, our Grammarian; Eugene, our Ballot Counter; and Serena, our Timer.  Each individual described their role and provided examples to the capacity they were serving.

Dale asked Thomas to model the attire a typical hiker would wear while backpacking.

Phyllis introduced her theme for Table Topics was inspired by her recent visit in Australia.  The idea came from the Canberra Gourmet Toastmaster Australia Club.  She had Jessica and Mike pick from a stack of papers that included a number, color, object, and animal.  They had to present the information to the Speakers of Phyllis’s choice. 

Cynthia had to tell how she left 3 cookies for Santa, but her son replaced it with an orange so he received an asp as a gift.

Georgia told how she went backpacking with Thomas on highway 65 to climb a cyan boulder when she would rather be chilling with a chipmunk.

Karen had to explain she had an interview and couldn’t decide between the red or black blazer.  She had 17 minutes to get to there, but her car wouldn’t start because a firefly was stuck in her transmission after she was searching for it in her hood.

Thomas talked about trekking along 84 where he saw a chartreuse cardinal behind the waterfall.

After the laughter died down, we voted for the best Table Topics Speaker.

Dale also explained the tale of staying overnight, what you should wear, and were you can fish.

He introduced our speakers.

Sharon read My Sister’s Keeper which provided Martha’s version of the tale when Jesus came over for dinner at Lazarus’ home.

Alex’s speech “Beginning your Speech” provided the Do’s and Don’ts to giving a speech.  He gave humorous examples for both including begging the timer to turn on the green light.

After we return from a brief recess, Al called Kathy and Sonny to provide their evaluations.

Since everyone qualified, Al invited members to vote for the best speaker and evaluator.

Al provided his overall evaluation of the meeting after allowing Hal to provide his report.

Serena was given control of the meeting to invite our guests to provide feedback.  Ms. Alethia enjoyed the meeting and the book that was read.  Dana said, “Ditto” and this group has a lot of energy for a Saturday morning.  We discussed business including discussing next week’s schedule.

Eugene presented awards:

Georgia- Best Table Topics

Sharon- Best Prepared Speaker

Kathy- Best Evaluator

Alex- Ah Stick

Meeting was adjourned at 10:08 am.

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