Friday, September 20, 2013

Meeting without a theme 9/14/2013

Meeting was called to order by Shyam Narayan where he welcomed our guests Tim and Ray.  He introduced Karen who provided our thought of the day, led us through our pledge of allegiance and introduced the Toastmaster, Richard Archer.

Richard announced that we will not have a theme for this meeting. He introduced Alex, our Jokemaster; Dale, our Grammarian; Thomas, our Ballot Counter; and Georgia, our Timer.  Each individual described their role and provided examples to the capacity they were serving.

Matthew introduced his no theme for Table Topics, yet he asked some humorous questions.

Ray answered the question, “If you were invisible, where would you go?” His response: The girls’ bathroom

Tim advised he would pass a law where parents had to take a parenting class before they become parents when he was asked, “What law should we have that we currently do not?”

Karen went to her Jetson days when she answered, “If you were a mad scientist, what would be your invention?”

Thomas had to convince us the best way to use him before shredding if he were a piece of paper.  He advised us to write your true thoughts and feelings down.

Georgia had to convince the audience junk food is healthy and made a plug that she works at McDonalds by discussing their healthy food items.

Matthew confirmed that everyone qualified except for Ray to vote for the best Table Topics Speaker.

Richard explained that we will have first time speakers as well as seasoned speakers and began to introduce our speakers for the day.

Sunitha provided her first speech, “My Journey to Toastmasters” where she introduced us to herself and we learned that she is a determined individual always looking to improve.  She also told us her names mean well behaved and polite.  She fits her name.  She also smiled the entire time she delivered her speech.

Bill explained the “Sociology of Knowledge”.  If you’re 55% right, you just made it; 60% right, thank God; 75% right, be suspicious and 100% right, be very suspicious.

Al spoke on the “Real Super Hero” where he grew up admiring comic book heroes, but learned later in life that our military, fire, police, medic, educators, ministers and the like are our true super heroes.

After we returned from a brief recess, Shyam called Sharon, Cynthia, and Thomas to provide feedback.

Since everyone qualified, Shyam invited members to vote for the best speaker and evaluator.

He provided his overall evaluation of the meeting after allowing Dale to provide his report.  Shyam gave control of the meeting to himself and discussed club business by reminding us of the club contest next week.  Dale offered to our members to join him hiking on the 28th and 29th.

Roles for the 28th meeting were confirmed by those present.

Thomas presented awards:

Tim- Best Table Topics

Al- Best Prepared Speaker

Thomas- Best Evaluator

Karen- Ah Stick

Meeting was adjourned at 10:02 am.

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