Thursday, September 26, 2013

Humorous & Evaluation Club Contest - 9/21/13

I, Cynthia Randolph - Sergeant at Arms for the contest, arrived earlier than usual to find the room abuzz with the Contest Chair, Dale Wagstaff,  and club officers prepping for what would be a wonderful event.  I scanned the room - Goldmine Banner hung?  CHECK;  Club Charter displayed?  CHECK; Gavel on the Lectern?  NOPE.  Off to the cabinet I went.  The Contest Chair noted the arrival of the contestants, judges, and others who filled critical roles. Serena Edwards, the Contest Master, leaned on the lectern anxiously awaiting the nod from Chief Judge, Phyllis Kombol, to get the meeting started.  The room filled quickly, contestants were informed of the rules and within minutes we were on our way. 

All of the speakers did a fantastic job from our Target Speaker, to the Evaluators and the Humorous Speech Contestants.  This fact was evidenced by the silence in room and the eyes that gazed intently at each speaker.  You had to be there to experience it.  At this point, the names of individuals and speech titles will have to suffice.

Target Speaker:  Hasan Harnet      Speech Title:  "The Question"

Shyam Narayan
Thomas Kombol
Alex Porter
Sonny Tolbert
Karen Boothe

Humorous Speeches:
Shyam Narayan      "So Boring, It Should be Abolished"
Alex Porter              "It's Easy for Me"
Sonny Tolbert          "Incognito like Fabio"
Matthew Charity      "On the Job Training: Dating & Marriage"

Congratulations go out to:
Sonny Tolbert - 1st Place Winner Evaluation Contest
Karen Boothe - 2nd Place Winner Evaluation Contest

Alex Porter      - 1st Place Winner Humorous Contest
Sonny Tolbert - 2nd Place Winner Humorous Contest

These individuals will represent Goldmine at the Area Contest on Tuesday Oct. 1  at Cannon School at 7 PM!

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