Saturday, September 28, 2013

Goldmine Meeting Saturday, September 28, 2013

Today's theme was "Contests and Conference" led by Toastmaster Phyllis Kombol. Dale gave us a thought and Georgia a joke. We had 15 members and two guests: Wilfred and Dora.

Our grammarian was Thomas Kombol and the Ah Bell/Ballot Counter was Dale Wagstaff. The Table Topics master, Joyce Preston, gave us some interesting "Person, Place and Thing" for table topic questions.
  • Alex Porter talked about "Oprah", "conference" and "burger." He met Oprah at the Toastmasters spring conference in Fayetteville who bought him a Big Mac. 
  • Sonny Tolbert had the words: "Queen Elizabeth", "North Carolina" and "trophy." Him and "Liz" has been friends for a long time. Once he was playing with her jewels and asked her if she had ever received a trophy. He invited her to come back with him to North Carolina and go on a backpacking trip. 
  • Ray Atkinson's words were "Ronald McDonalds", "Olympics" and "cake." He said it was ironic Ronald McDonald wears Olympics gear because Olympics are healthy and McDonald's is not. Might as well put Olympics' advertising on cake.
Our speakers for the day included:
  1. Eugene Preston who did his icebreaker. We learned about Eugene through his experiences at East Carolina University.
  2. Cynthia Randolph did a speech from the Leadership Excellence Series: Building a Team. She used Power Point slides to help us learn effective ways to build teams.
  3. Serena Edwards spoke from The Entertaining Speaker, a Dramatic Talk, titled "Papaw's Angels". Her dramatic talk described some ways angels watched over her in cars.
Georgia Carlton led our evaluation portion as General Evaluator. Sam Mullis evaluated Eugene's speech. Karen Boothe evaluated Cynthia's and Hal Levin stepped in for Shyam to evaluate Serena's speech. All speakers and evaluators qualified on time.

Business Session:
  •  We are sad to hear that 37-year Goldmine member, Richard Archer, will be leaving our group for personal reasons and to travel with his precious wife.
  • Cynthia has developed a Goldmine YouTube page. Some of our meetings will be recorded. She will be asking us to sign photo/video release forms.
  • Dues are due! Please give dues ($60/quarter) to our Treasurer, Thomas Kombol. We do have 10 dues in so we will be getting our free officer pins next year!
  • The Area 14 Contest is Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. at Cannon School. Phyllis needs LOTS of volunteers! Please email her to help out!
Best Table Topics Speaker: Sonny Tolbert
Best Speaker: Serena Edwards
Best Evaluator: Hal Levin
"Ah" Stick: Sunitha Nalla

Meeting ended at 10:20. Minutes done by Serena.

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