Saturday, September 7, 2013

August 31, 3013

Goldmine at the end of August

It was almost Labor Day, but our TMOD Al Minter made it look like no labor at all to include salient (our word of the day) points in the Leadership theme.  He mentioned things like leaders being accountable, leading by example (“get their hands dirty”), being willing to “make the call,” do the right thing, learn from failures, be visionary (able to see around corners), and play to win.

Serena opened the meeting, as Presiding Officer, and John had us thinking about how if you start each day by swallowing a frog, the rest of the day is likely to go well.  He explained it… Our newest member, Eugene Preston, got us rolling with a joke, Hal Levin gave us salient information about our word of the day, salient (hey, do I get extra points for that?), and Karen Boothe timed.

Our Table Topics master, Dale Wagstaff, worked hard to come up with creative questions.  He asked Shyam Narayan to give us part of his accidental Quantum Physics keynote address as Dr. Theopolis Katz, Thomas Kombol won the Best Table Topic award as he responded to his imaginary 48 year old wife’s surprise pregnancy (“How did that happen?”—uh-oh, somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do!), and Sonny Tolbert had to respond to Kathy Kombol’s on-the-scene interview questions as he related his suspicions about why Serena was being arrested for suspected terrorist activities in downtown Kannapolis.  He was pretty sure she WAS a terrorist, and of course we believed him because of that contest speech he gave “I am Not a Terrorist.” Thomas won the award for best Table Topic, though we enjoyed them all.

Prepared speeches featured the day’s best speech winner, Kathy Kombol “Reuniting with my Seasonal Family” (CC#2) as she got us all thinking it would be fun to work in a Halloween and More store.  Thomas Kombol inspired us (CC#9) with “Water is Life: Save it!” although he did make us work to get all the statistics explaining how little freely available fresh water there really is on this planet.  Georgia Carlton gave several examples of the power of music to inspire, soothe, challenge, and build leadership skills in “Music: Key to Education” (CC#2).

Sonny made it look like no work at all to have Gerry Fenner evaluate Thomas’s speech, Serena Edwards evaluated Kathy’s speech, and Joyce Preston won Best Evaluation with her analysis of Georgia’s speech. 

She also commented in the business part of the meeting, how the role descriptions in the back of the CC book can help refine how we each take on meeting roles.  Hal noted creative language use, including the use of salient. After Shyam reviewed next week’s roles, Phyllis Kombol presented the awards and adjourned the meeting, passing the Ah Stick to Thomas for just a FEW ums/y’knows.

Coming soon: Club contest for Humorous speeches and Evaluations will be Sept. 21 at the regular club time and place.  Dale will be contest chair, and Serena contest master.  We are looking for contestants…are you ready to take on the challenge?

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