Saturday, September 28, 2013

Goldmine Meeting Saturday, September 28, 2013

Today's theme was "Contests and Conference" led by Toastmaster Phyllis Kombol. Dale gave us a thought and Georgia a joke. We had 15 members and two guests: Wilfred and Dora.

Our grammarian was Thomas Kombol and the Ah Bell/Ballot Counter was Dale Wagstaff. The Table Topics master, Joyce Preston, gave us some interesting "Person, Place and Thing" for table topic questions.
  • Alex Porter talked about "Oprah", "conference" and "burger." He met Oprah at the Toastmasters spring conference in Fayetteville who bought him a Big Mac. 
  • Sonny Tolbert had the words: "Queen Elizabeth", "North Carolina" and "trophy." Him and "Liz" has been friends for a long time. Once he was playing with her jewels and asked her if she had ever received a trophy. He invited her to come back with him to North Carolina and go on a backpacking trip. 
  • Ray Atkinson's words were "Ronald McDonalds", "Olympics" and "cake." He said it was ironic Ronald McDonald wears Olympics gear because Olympics are healthy and McDonald's is not. Might as well put Olympics' advertising on cake.
Our speakers for the day included:
  1. Eugene Preston who did his icebreaker. We learned about Eugene through his experiences at East Carolina University.
  2. Cynthia Randolph did a speech from the Leadership Excellence Series: Building a Team. She used Power Point slides to help us learn effective ways to build teams.
  3. Serena Edwards spoke from The Entertaining Speaker, a Dramatic Talk, titled "Papaw's Angels". Her dramatic talk described some ways angels watched over her in cars.
Georgia Carlton led our evaluation portion as General Evaluator. Sam Mullis evaluated Eugene's speech. Karen Boothe evaluated Cynthia's and Hal Levin stepped in for Shyam to evaluate Serena's speech. All speakers and evaluators qualified on time.

Business Session:
  •  We are sad to hear that 37-year Goldmine member, Richard Archer, will be leaving our group for personal reasons and to travel with his precious wife.
  • Cynthia has developed a Goldmine YouTube page. Some of our meetings will be recorded. She will be asking us to sign photo/video release forms.
  • Dues are due! Please give dues ($60/quarter) to our Treasurer, Thomas Kombol. We do have 10 dues in so we will be getting our free officer pins next year!
  • The Area 14 Contest is Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. at Cannon School. Phyllis needs LOTS of volunteers! Please email her to help out!
Best Table Topics Speaker: Sonny Tolbert
Best Speaker: Serena Edwards
Best Evaluator: Hal Levin
"Ah" Stick: Sunitha Nalla

Meeting ended at 10:20. Minutes done by Serena.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Humorous & Evaluation Club Contest - 9/21/13

I, Cynthia Randolph - Sergeant at Arms for the contest, arrived earlier than usual to find the room abuzz with the Contest Chair, Dale Wagstaff,  and club officers prepping for what would be a wonderful event.  I scanned the room - Goldmine Banner hung?  CHECK;  Club Charter displayed?  CHECK; Gavel on the Lectern?  NOPE.  Off to the cabinet I went.  The Contest Chair noted the arrival of the contestants, judges, and others who filled critical roles. Serena Edwards, the Contest Master, leaned on the lectern anxiously awaiting the nod from Chief Judge, Phyllis Kombol, to get the meeting started.  The room filled quickly, contestants were informed of the rules and within minutes we were on our way. 

All of the speakers did a fantastic job from our Target Speaker, to the Evaluators and the Humorous Speech Contestants.  This fact was evidenced by the silence in room and the eyes that gazed intently at each speaker.  You had to be there to experience it.  At this point, the names of individuals and speech titles will have to suffice.

Target Speaker:  Hasan Harnet      Speech Title:  "The Question"

Shyam Narayan
Thomas Kombol
Alex Porter
Sonny Tolbert
Karen Boothe

Humorous Speeches:
Shyam Narayan      "So Boring, It Should be Abolished"
Alex Porter              "It's Easy for Me"
Sonny Tolbert          "Incognito like Fabio"
Matthew Charity      "On the Job Training: Dating & Marriage"

Congratulations go out to:
Sonny Tolbert - 1st Place Winner Evaluation Contest
Karen Boothe - 2nd Place Winner Evaluation Contest

Alex Porter      - 1st Place Winner Humorous Contest
Sonny Tolbert - 2nd Place Winner Humorous Contest

These individuals will represent Goldmine at the Area Contest on Tuesday Oct. 1  at Cannon School at 7 PM!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Meeting without a theme 9/14/2013

Meeting was called to order by Shyam Narayan where he welcomed our guests Tim and Ray.  He introduced Karen who provided our thought of the day, led us through our pledge of allegiance and introduced the Toastmaster, Richard Archer.

Richard announced that we will not have a theme for this meeting. He introduced Alex, our Jokemaster; Dale, our Grammarian; Thomas, our Ballot Counter; and Georgia, our Timer.  Each individual described their role and provided examples to the capacity they were serving.

Matthew introduced his no theme for Table Topics, yet he asked some humorous questions.

Ray answered the question, “If you were invisible, where would you go?” His response: The girls’ bathroom

Tim advised he would pass a law where parents had to take a parenting class before they become parents when he was asked, “What law should we have that we currently do not?”

Karen went to her Jetson days when she answered, “If you were a mad scientist, what would be your invention?”

Thomas had to convince us the best way to use him before shredding if he were a piece of paper.  He advised us to write your true thoughts and feelings down.

Georgia had to convince the audience junk food is healthy and made a plug that she works at McDonalds by discussing their healthy food items.

Matthew confirmed that everyone qualified except for Ray to vote for the best Table Topics Speaker.

Richard explained that we will have first time speakers as well as seasoned speakers and began to introduce our speakers for the day.

Sunitha provided her first speech, “My Journey to Toastmasters” where she introduced us to herself and we learned that she is a determined individual always looking to improve.  She also told us her names mean well behaved and polite.  She fits her name.  She also smiled the entire time she delivered her speech.

Bill explained the “Sociology of Knowledge”.  If you’re 55% right, you just made it; 60% right, thank God; 75% right, be suspicious and 100% right, be very suspicious.

Al spoke on the “Real Super Hero” where he grew up admiring comic book heroes, but learned later in life that our military, fire, police, medic, educators, ministers and the like are our true super heroes.

After we returned from a brief recess, Shyam called Sharon, Cynthia, and Thomas to provide feedback.

Since everyone qualified, Shyam invited members to vote for the best speaker and evaluator.

He provided his overall evaluation of the meeting after allowing Dale to provide his report.  Shyam gave control of the meeting to himself and discussed club business by reminding us of the club contest next week.  Dale offered to our members to join him hiking on the 28th and 29th.

Roles for the 28th meeting were confirmed by those present.

Thomas presented awards:

Tim- Best Table Topics

Al- Best Prepared Speaker

Thomas- Best Evaluator

Karen- Ah Stick

Meeting was adjourned at 10:02 am.

Wilderness Backpacking Meeting 9/7/2013

Meeting was called to order by Serena Edwards where she welcomed our guest Ms. Alethia and Dana Merck.  She introduced Richard who provided our thought of the day, led us through our pledge of allegiance and introduced the Toastmaster, Dale Wagstaff.

Dale announced our theme was motivated from his most recent backpacking adventure and advised a group will be going to an adventure this fall.  He introduced Joyce, our Jokemaster; Hal, our Grammarian; Eugene, our Ballot Counter; and Serena, our Timer.  Each individual described their role and provided examples to the capacity they were serving.

Dale asked Thomas to model the attire a typical hiker would wear while backpacking.

Phyllis introduced her theme for Table Topics was inspired by her recent visit in Australia.  The idea came from the Canberra Gourmet Toastmaster Australia Club.  She had Jessica and Mike pick from a stack of papers that included a number, color, object, and animal.  They had to present the information to the Speakers of Phyllis’s choice. 

Cynthia had to tell how she left 3 cookies for Santa, but her son replaced it with an orange so he received an asp as a gift.

Georgia told how she went backpacking with Thomas on highway 65 to climb a cyan boulder when she would rather be chilling with a chipmunk.

Karen had to explain she had an interview and couldn’t decide between the red or black blazer.  She had 17 minutes to get to there, but her car wouldn’t start because a firefly was stuck in her transmission after she was searching for it in her hood.

Thomas talked about trekking along 84 where he saw a chartreuse cardinal behind the waterfall.

After the laughter died down, we voted for the best Table Topics Speaker.

Dale also explained the tale of staying overnight, what you should wear, and were you can fish.

He introduced our speakers.

Sharon read My Sister’s Keeper which provided Martha’s version of the tale when Jesus came over for dinner at Lazarus’ home.

Alex’s speech “Beginning your Speech” provided the Do’s and Don’ts to giving a speech.  He gave humorous examples for both including begging the timer to turn on the green light.

After we return from a brief recess, Al called Kathy and Sonny to provide their evaluations.

Since everyone qualified, Al invited members to vote for the best speaker and evaluator.

Al provided his overall evaluation of the meeting after allowing Hal to provide his report.

Serena was given control of the meeting to invite our guests to provide feedback.  Ms. Alethia enjoyed the meeting and the book that was read.  Dana said, “Ditto” and this group has a lot of energy for a Saturday morning.  We discussed business including discussing next week’s schedule.

Eugene presented awards:

Georgia- Best Table Topics

Sharon- Best Prepared Speaker

Kathy- Best Evaluator

Alex- Ah Stick

Meeting was adjourned at 10:08 am.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

August 31, 3013

Goldmine at the end of August

It was almost Labor Day, but our TMOD Al Minter made it look like no labor at all to include salient (our word of the day) points in the Leadership theme.  He mentioned things like leaders being accountable, leading by example (“get their hands dirty”), being willing to “make the call,” do the right thing, learn from failures, be visionary (able to see around corners), and play to win.

Serena opened the meeting, as Presiding Officer, and John had us thinking about how if you start each day by swallowing a frog, the rest of the day is likely to go well.  He explained it… Our newest member, Eugene Preston, got us rolling with a joke, Hal Levin gave us salient information about our word of the day, salient (hey, do I get extra points for that?), and Karen Boothe timed.

Our Table Topics master, Dale Wagstaff, worked hard to come up with creative questions.  He asked Shyam Narayan to give us part of his accidental Quantum Physics keynote address as Dr. Theopolis Katz, Thomas Kombol won the Best Table Topic award as he responded to his imaginary 48 year old wife’s surprise pregnancy (“How did that happen?”—uh-oh, somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do!), and Sonny Tolbert had to respond to Kathy Kombol’s on-the-scene interview questions as he related his suspicions about why Serena was being arrested for suspected terrorist activities in downtown Kannapolis.  He was pretty sure she WAS a terrorist, and of course we believed him because of that contest speech he gave “I am Not a Terrorist.” Thomas won the award for best Table Topic, though we enjoyed them all.

Prepared speeches featured the day’s best speech winner, Kathy Kombol “Reuniting with my Seasonal Family” (CC#2) as she got us all thinking it would be fun to work in a Halloween and More store.  Thomas Kombol inspired us (CC#9) with “Water is Life: Save it!” although he did make us work to get all the statistics explaining how little freely available fresh water there really is on this planet.  Georgia Carlton gave several examples of the power of music to inspire, soothe, challenge, and build leadership skills in “Music: Key to Education” (CC#2).

Sonny made it look like no work at all to have Gerry Fenner evaluate Thomas’s speech, Serena Edwards evaluated Kathy’s speech, and Joyce Preston won Best Evaluation with her analysis of Georgia’s speech. 

She also commented in the business part of the meeting, how the role descriptions in the back of the CC book can help refine how we each take on meeting roles.  Hal noted creative language use, including the use of salient. After Shyam reviewed next week’s roles, Phyllis Kombol presented the awards and adjourned the meeting, passing the Ah Stick to Thomas for just a FEW ums/y’knows.

Coming soon: Club contest for Humorous speeches and Evaluations will be Sept. 21 at the regular club time and place.  Dale will be contest chair, and Serena contest master.  We are looking for contestants…are you ready to take on the challenge?