Friday, August 2, 2013


            Since many members were traveling or attending training sessions in Charlotte , first time Toastmaster of the Day Hal Levin had a hard time getting roles filled, but fill them he did. Hal did a great job at the podium and filled us with many historical anecdotes from 1969, particularly Apollo 11.
            Al Minter served as Presiding Officer, Ballot Counter, And Table Topics Speaker (Of course I would buy a used car from Little Stevie Boles and Car Max.)  
            Richard Archer served as Jokemaster, Word Master, and Table Topics Speaker (Softball is a great way to break your leg.)
            Sam Mullis was Thinker of the Day and Table Topics Master.
            Alex Porter timed and answered a Table Topic. (Jury is still out on traitor/whistle blower Snowden.)
            Hal was also called upon by Sam to tell us if the moon landing was a fake, was there really a Coke can on the moon in the famous photo?”
            John Shepherd did a Table Topic on eating hot dogs at half time. He also served as General Evaluator.
            Dale Wagstaff spoke from the Humorously Speaking Manual giving good advice on making decisions and Steve Boles did a great job evaluating Dale’s presentation.
Best Speaker: Dale Wagstaff
Best Evaluator: Steve Boles
Best Table Topic Speaker: Richard Archer
Ah Stick: Hal Levin
Ironic fact #1: Hal misspelled Sam Mullis’ name on the program as Sam Mullins.
Sam mispronounced Hal’s name as Hal LEVin rather than Hal LeVIN.
Ironic Fact #2: Richard told a golf joke on John Shepherd…the same joke John told against Richard the previous week when Richard was absent.   
Quote of the day. “How lucky you are to have a deaf man as word master.”  R. Archer
Author:   Sharon Davis 

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