Saturday, August 3, 2013

Meeting on July 27

Serena Edwards, President, opened the meeting as Presiding Officer. Alex Porter shared a Thought and introduced Sam Mullis who led the meeting today as the Toastmaster. The theme of the meeting was "The Constitution." 

Jessica Keyes gave us a joke. The wordmaster was Steve Boles. The word of the day was "vernacular." The ah bell/ballot counter was John Shepherd and Jessica Keyes filled the timer role. 

Hal Levin was the Table Topics master. The questions also revolved around the theme of "the Constitution." The table topic participants included:
  • Jay Johnson. Question: "What is it in your 'constitution' that has served you or not served you well?"
  • Alex Porter: Question: "What experience do you associate with your adolescent 'declaration of independence?'"
  • Sunitha Nalla: Question: "Democracy=following rules. What rules do you break?"
Table Topics Winner: Jay Johnson

Prepared speakers:
  • Dale Wagstaff. "Allen's Popeye Brand Spinach" from Communicating on Video manual
  • Joyce Preston. "Love at First Sight" from Storytelling manual
 Best Speaker: Dale Wagstaff
The General Evaluator was Mike Hall who introduced Kathy Kombol to evaluate Dale Wagstaff and Serena Edwards who evaluated Joyce Preston.

Best Evaluator: Kathy Kombol
Ah Stick: Kathy Kombol

Business Session:
  • Dues are due!
  • Awards Banquet is August 10 at Union Street Bistro from 6 to 9 p.m. Cost: $26 each.
  • Fall Conference is Oct. 25-27 at Embassy Suites in Cary, NC


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