Monday, August 12, 2013

In at the Last Minute, but Right on Time! August 3, 2013

Just as the door was about to close, several Goldminers hurried into the meeting.  In that quick moment all but one role was filled and the meeting began.  There was only one change to the agenda.  WHEW!  Georgia Carlton shared a very apropos thought, “Our lives are not determined by what happens, but how we react.”  The cool headedness of our first-time Toastmaster, Kathy Kombol, was especially needed.  Following an intro that really wasn’t, Kathy took the reins from Georgia and shared the theme, “Summer’s End.”  Despite the unusual chaos minutes before the meeting, Kathy facilitated the meeting like a pro and the fun and laughter common to Goldmine meetings began.   
Gerry, our Jokemaster, let us in on the fact that seniors use acronyms also. They were very funny but a couple were pretty long – IFBICGU….You see what I mean.  No wonder I can’t remember them.  I guess I had a senior moment!! 

Sonny, our grammarian and birthday boy, shared the word Opine.  I opine that it would have been a lot easier to use the word if it was posted.  Oh well, it was his birthday so we gave him a pass. 

Accustomed to dealing with buffoonery of summer campers, Kathy felt right at home and kept things moving by introducing our Ballot counter and Timer, followed by  Thomas, a fellow Camp Leader and our Table Topics  Facilitator.

Table Topic
“What will you miss most about summer?”
The hot weather, cold drinks, ice cream, swimming and outside activities. 
“Why has July been so rainy?”
Steve rambled in a very dramatic voice, but Goldminers are still awaiting the answer to this question.
“What won’t you miss about summer?”
Mosquitoes and the humidity.

 Table Topics Winner:  Georgia

Kathy then introduced the following individuals who delivered prepared speeches:
·         Sam       Re-Thing” (CC Manual, Project #4)  - Our ancestors didn’t have Green Thing; They had
                      a Re-Thing: Reuse, Repair Recycle.

·         Cynthia Thank you Power” by Deborah Norville (Specialty Speeches – Read out loud Project
                       #4) - The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.
                       Eric   Hoffer

Best Prepared Speech:  Sam

Joyce, our General Evaluator, called on the following individuals to complete evaluations:
·         Serena  evaluated Sam
·         Jay evaluated Cynthia

Best Evaluator:  Jay
Ah Stick:  Sonny

Business Meeting (led by Serena Edwards):
·         Officer Induction & Awards Banquet – Saturday August 10, 6-9 pm @ Union St. Bistro
·         District 37 Fall Conference, Embassy Suites Hotel, Cary NC, Oct 25-27
·          Next week’s roles review

Meeting ended @ 9:55 am.

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