Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Goldmine Toastmaster Meeting August 24, 2013

Today's meeting opened with Presiding Officer Serena Edwards and Thought of the Day giver Sam Mullis. The Toastmaster of the day, Thomas Kombol, had only one change to the agenda (only two speakers). The following had roles:
Jokemaster: Al Minter
Wordmaster: Serena Edwards (word of the day: "auspices")
Ballot Counter: Georgia Carlton
Timer: Phyllis Kombol

Table Topics Master, Joyce Preston, gave us some interesting Table Topics:
  1. You are awaken at 3 a.m. with tapping on the window. You open the window to see...Tim Leahy opened the window to see his vampiric wife.
  2. You are a dentist and you pulled the wrong tooth. How do you plead your case? Matthew would tell them the good news first (have most of their teeth) and then the bad news, followed by a goodie bag, the yellow pages and then throw in some jokes.
  3. Which would you choose: Health, Wealth or Wisdom, and why? Ray Atkinson would choose health for longetivity.
  4. What kind of lunch break would you prefer: a 30-minute or 2-3 hour break? Georgia Carlton would choose the 30-minute break because if she had 3 hours, she might fall asleep and never go back to work.
  5. If you could be any age for a week, what age would it be and why? Sam Mullis lived so many ages as Santa Sam.
  6. You are in a dispute, who would you support: your wife or your mother? Al Minter would definitely support his wife!
Prepared Speakers:
  1. Shyam Narayan spoke from the Special Occasion Advanced Manual #5, Accepting an Award. The title of his speech was "Toastmaster of the Year Award." He gave an "impromptu" speech on accepting the 2013 Toastmaster of the Year award. (time: 5-7 minutes; 5:46)
  2. Sonny Tolbert gave #3 from the Interpretive Reading Advanced Manual. His title was "The Golden Years...Yeah Right," which was an excerpt from Jay Nodine's book, "Jay's Jokes." We all could see Jay in this story!
Dale Wagstaff took over as General Evaluator. Our evaluators were Karen Booth evaluating Shyam and John Shepherd evaluating Sonny.
Best Speaker: Shyam
Best Evaluator: John
Best Table Topic Speaker: Al
"Ah" Stick: Thomas

Business Meeting:
  • Eugene Preston will become an official Goldmine member on Sept. 1! Welcome Eugene to the Goldmine family!
  • Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest is on Sept. 21. Contest Chair: Dale Wagstaff, Contest Master: Serena Edwards. WE NEED CONTESTANTS!!! 
  • October 12 will be the Division B Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest at the Fire Station (Poplar Tent) at 10:15 a.m.
  • Fall Conference Oct. 25-27 in Cary, NC.
  • Dale and Sonny are planning a Goldmine hiking adventure for those interested. Contact Dale for more information!

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