Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 17 "Fiddler Crab" meeting

Meeting was called to order by our Past President Phyllis Kombol.  She welcomed our guest Ray and introduced Gerry to provide the thought of the Day.  Gerry also led us to the Pledge of Allegiance and introduced Sonny, our Toastmaster.

Sonny announced a few changes to the agenda.  Jessica will be the Jokemaster, Sam will be the Timer, Mike will be the 3rd speaker, and Joyce will be the General Evaluator.  Then he called on Jessica to provide a funny joke, Joyce, Alex and Sam explained their roles.  We had new guests arrive, Tim and Brinna.  With that being said, Steve was introduced as Table Topics Master.  His theme: “Wacky Table Topics”

Sharon had to provide advice to the oldest living man to live to be 125.

Gerry had to advise if she would participate in an experiment.

Joyce answered if she believe pot should be legal in NC.

Ray explained what he would do with $30 million.

Sonny stated he will provide proof he toured the bottom of the ocean by an old Irish Fiddler Crab.  With that being said, he introduced his first speaker.  Phyllis speech titled, “Planes, Pains, and Automobiles” gave a rendition to traveling when American Airline’s computer system was down and a ‘suspicious’ package was found at the airport.

Sonny took the opportunity to share an artifact of a Shark’s tooth.  Sam and Joyce offered light hearted banter to his statement.  Sonny introduced our next speaker.

Jessica provided an inspirational speech titled “Your Toolbox” where she explained you will need the right tools to get the outcome you desire.  Her project was to use visual aid.  She used different tools to hammer a nail to a piece of wood to hang her keys. This provided a great visual aid to explain our need to apply the same concept to our daily living.

Sonny also explained how he knew the Crab was Irish because of his bad accent.  He also knew he was a fiddler crab because the crab played the fiddle.  With that being said, he introduced our next speaker.

Mike offered “Advice for Boat Owners” where he gave a humorous dictation of his experiences as being a first time boat owner.  He advised to have the boat checked for defects by a mechanic before buying it used, check the weather before taking the boat out, and never take it through the drive thru at McDonalds.

A change to the agenda was made.  Sharon took the General Evaluator and Presiding Officer roles.  She introduced Hal, Al and Karen to provide speaker feedback.  Sam advised that Phyllis was the only person that didn’t qualify.  Sharon invited our guests to comment on the meeting.

Phyllis and Joyce inducted Sharon as club secretary.  Phyllis stated two ribbons will be added to the banner for having an area and district governor.  Jessica discussed a need for volunteers to help with her youth summit 9/14.

Best Table Topics- Joyce

Best Speaker- Jessica

Best Evaluator- Karen

Ah Stick- Mike

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