Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 10th "Summer Meeting"

The meeting was called to order by Serena Edwards where she welcomed three guests: Eugene, Ryan, and Wilfred.  Sharon delivered the thought of the day.  While introducing our Toastmaster, she congratulated him for the newest addition in his family now that he has 10 grandchildren.


Matthew took the lectern as the Toastmaster and started the meeting.


Sonny stated a few years back his financial advisor told him he will live to be 75 and can retire at 59.  When he went to his financial advisor once he was closer to 59, he was told that he will live to be 98 and retire when he is 108. 


Alex provided the word of the day “effusive” and Thomas explained his role as ah bell/ballot counter.


Gerry kept the comedy going when she stated she broke her glasses and had to stay close to the words.

Karen led table topics in honor of Matthew being a grandpa.

She asked the guests if they would like to participate.  Wilfred passed saying he’s feeling effusive today. Eugene declined to allow members the opportunity to grow, and Ryan was ready to take the role immediately.

Georgia talked her grandfather’s tales, peck on the cheek and his bald head.  Sunitha explained how the newborn goes from crawling to walking and the granddad walking with them. Ryan chose Morgan Freeman.  He talked about his role in Dark Knight, Nelson Mandela, Bruce Almighty and his soothing voice.  Sharon talked how she would host a baby shower.


Matthew provided great information about the first day of summer and the meaning of midsummer.  He introduced our prepared speakers.


Hal spoke “Mindfulness: Let go of my Ego” He compared the mindfulness when you are first learning to drive to where it has become a habit that you’re not conscious of what you’re doing.  He stated that when he is mindful, he makes less mistakes.


John spoke “Boundless, Bright, and Beautiful Brain” He provide examples of great minds that had disabilities, normality, and high IQs.  He added humor when he stated the brain is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year except when doing Table Topics or a quiz.


Richard spoke “Curiosity is a Gold Hill Road” He took us down a journey of Cabarrus County’s Gold Hill Road.  There is a cemetery, wooden airplane, Vietnamese village and a cowboy church.


Matthew declared a recess. Upon our return, Sam Mullins took over as General Evaluator.  Georgia wanted Hal to loosen up and to move across the room.  Dale stated John is one of the reasons he joined Goldmine.  He stated that John is the “perfect example of what I want to be as a speaker when I grow up”.  Phyllis wanted Richard to use more “drama” and wanted the conclusion to show us how to get to Gold Hill Road and applauded him for being a fabulous storyteller.


Best TT: Ryan

Best Speaker:  John

Best Evaluator:  Phyllis

Ah Stick: Georgia

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