Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Goldmine Toastmaster Meeting August 24, 2013

Today's meeting opened with Presiding Officer Serena Edwards and Thought of the Day giver Sam Mullis. The Toastmaster of the day, Thomas Kombol, had only one change to the agenda (only two speakers). The following had roles:
Jokemaster: Al Minter
Wordmaster: Serena Edwards (word of the day: "auspices")
Ballot Counter: Georgia Carlton
Timer: Phyllis Kombol

Table Topics Master, Joyce Preston, gave us some interesting Table Topics:
  1. You are awaken at 3 a.m. with tapping on the window. You open the window to see...Tim Leahy opened the window to see his vampiric wife.
  2. You are a dentist and you pulled the wrong tooth. How do you plead your case? Matthew would tell them the good news first (have most of their teeth) and then the bad news, followed by a goodie bag, the yellow pages and then throw in some jokes.
  3. Which would you choose: Health, Wealth or Wisdom, and why? Ray Atkinson would choose health for longetivity.
  4. What kind of lunch break would you prefer: a 30-minute or 2-3 hour break? Georgia Carlton would choose the 30-minute break because if she had 3 hours, she might fall asleep and never go back to work.
  5. If you could be any age for a week, what age would it be and why? Sam Mullis lived so many ages as Santa Sam.
  6. You are in a dispute, who would you support: your wife or your mother? Al Minter would definitely support his wife!
Prepared Speakers:
  1. Shyam Narayan spoke from the Special Occasion Advanced Manual #5, Accepting an Award. The title of his speech was "Toastmaster of the Year Award." He gave an "impromptu" speech on accepting the 2013 Toastmaster of the Year award. (time: 5-7 minutes; 5:46)
  2. Sonny Tolbert gave #3 from the Interpretive Reading Advanced Manual. His title was "The Golden Years...Yeah Right," which was an excerpt from Jay Nodine's book, "Jay's Jokes." We all could see Jay in this story!
Dale Wagstaff took over as General Evaluator. Our evaluators were Karen Booth evaluating Shyam and John Shepherd evaluating Sonny.
Best Speaker: Shyam
Best Evaluator: John
Best Table Topic Speaker: Al
"Ah" Stick: Thomas

Business Meeting:
  • Eugene Preston will become an official Goldmine member on Sept. 1! Welcome Eugene to the Goldmine family!
  • Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest is on Sept. 21. Contest Chair: Dale Wagstaff, Contest Master: Serena Edwards. WE NEED CONTESTANTS!!! 
  • October 12 will be the Division B Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest at the Fire Station (Poplar Tent) at 10:15 a.m.
  • Fall Conference Oct. 25-27 in Cary, NC.
  • Dale and Sonny are planning a Goldmine hiking adventure for those interested. Contact Dale for more information!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 17 "Fiddler Crab" meeting

Meeting was called to order by our Past President Phyllis Kombol.  She welcomed our guest Ray and introduced Gerry to provide the thought of the Day.  Gerry also led us to the Pledge of Allegiance and introduced Sonny, our Toastmaster.

Sonny announced a few changes to the agenda.  Jessica will be the Jokemaster, Sam will be the Timer, Mike will be the 3rd speaker, and Joyce will be the General Evaluator.  Then he called on Jessica to provide a funny joke, Joyce, Alex and Sam explained their roles.  We had new guests arrive, Tim and Brinna.  With that being said, Steve was introduced as Table Topics Master.  His theme: “Wacky Table Topics”

Sharon had to provide advice to the oldest living man to live to be 125.

Gerry had to advise if she would participate in an experiment.

Joyce answered if she believe pot should be legal in NC.

Ray explained what he would do with $30 million.

Sonny stated he will provide proof he toured the bottom of the ocean by an old Irish Fiddler Crab.  With that being said, he introduced his first speaker.  Phyllis speech titled, “Planes, Pains, and Automobiles” gave a rendition to traveling when American Airline’s computer system was down and a ‘suspicious’ package was found at the airport.

Sonny took the opportunity to share an artifact of a Shark’s tooth.  Sam and Joyce offered light hearted banter to his statement.  Sonny introduced our next speaker.

Jessica provided an inspirational speech titled “Your Toolbox” where she explained you will need the right tools to get the outcome you desire.  Her project was to use visual aid.  She used different tools to hammer a nail to a piece of wood to hang her keys. This provided a great visual aid to explain our need to apply the same concept to our daily living.

Sonny also explained how he knew the Crab was Irish because of his bad accent.  He also knew he was a fiddler crab because the crab played the fiddle.  With that being said, he introduced our next speaker.

Mike offered “Advice for Boat Owners” where he gave a humorous dictation of his experiences as being a first time boat owner.  He advised to have the boat checked for defects by a mechanic before buying it used, check the weather before taking the boat out, and never take it through the drive thru at McDonalds.

A change to the agenda was made.  Sharon took the General Evaluator and Presiding Officer roles.  She introduced Hal, Al and Karen to provide speaker feedback.  Sam advised that Phyllis was the only person that didn’t qualify.  Sharon invited our guests to comment on the meeting.

Phyllis and Joyce inducted Sharon as club secretary.  Phyllis stated two ribbons will be added to the banner for having an area and district governor.  Jessica discussed a need for volunteers to help with her youth summit 9/14.

Best Table Topics- Joyce

Best Speaker- Jessica

Best Evaluator- Karen

Ah Stick- Mike

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 10th "Summer Meeting"

The meeting was called to order by Serena Edwards where she welcomed three guests: Eugene, Ryan, and Wilfred.  Sharon delivered the thought of the day.  While introducing our Toastmaster, she congratulated him for the newest addition in his family now that he has 10 grandchildren.


Matthew took the lectern as the Toastmaster and started the meeting.


Sonny stated a few years back his financial advisor told him he will live to be 75 and can retire at 59.  When he went to his financial advisor once he was closer to 59, he was told that he will live to be 98 and retire when he is 108. 


Alex provided the word of the day “effusive” and Thomas explained his role as ah bell/ballot counter.


Gerry kept the comedy going when she stated she broke her glasses and had to stay close to the words.

Karen led table topics in honor of Matthew being a grandpa.

She asked the guests if they would like to participate.  Wilfred passed saying he’s feeling effusive today. Eugene declined to allow members the opportunity to grow, and Ryan was ready to take the role immediately.

Georgia talked her grandfather’s tales, peck on the cheek and his bald head.  Sunitha explained how the newborn goes from crawling to walking and the granddad walking with them. Ryan chose Morgan Freeman.  He talked about his role in Dark Knight, Nelson Mandela, Bruce Almighty and his soothing voice.  Sharon talked how she would host a baby shower.


Matthew provided great information about the first day of summer and the meaning of midsummer.  He introduced our prepared speakers.


Hal spoke “Mindfulness: Let go of my Ego” He compared the mindfulness when you are first learning to drive to where it has become a habit that you’re not conscious of what you’re doing.  He stated that when he is mindful, he makes less mistakes.


John spoke “Boundless, Bright, and Beautiful Brain” He provide examples of great minds that had disabilities, normality, and high IQs.  He added humor when he stated the brain is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year except when doing Table Topics or a quiz.


Richard spoke “Curiosity is a Gold Hill Road” He took us down a journey of Cabarrus County’s Gold Hill Road.  There is a cemetery, wooden airplane, Vietnamese village and a cowboy church.


Matthew declared a recess. Upon our return, Sam Mullins took over as General Evaluator.  Georgia wanted Hal to loosen up and to move across the room.  Dale stated John is one of the reasons he joined Goldmine.  He stated that John is the “perfect example of what I want to be as a speaker when I grow up”.  Phyllis wanted Richard to use more “drama” and wanted the conclusion to show us how to get to Gold Hill Road and applauded him for being a fabulous storyteller.


Best TT: Ryan

Best Speaker:  John

Best Evaluator:  Phyllis

Ah Stick: Georgia

Monday, August 12, 2013

In at the Last Minute, but Right on Time! August 3, 2013

Just as the door was about to close, several Goldminers hurried into the meeting.  In that quick moment all but one role was filled and the meeting began.  There was only one change to the agenda.  WHEW!  Georgia Carlton shared a very apropos thought, “Our lives are not determined by what happens, but how we react.”  The cool headedness of our first-time Toastmaster, Kathy Kombol, was especially needed.  Following an intro that really wasn’t, Kathy took the reins from Georgia and shared the theme, “Summer’s End.”  Despite the unusual chaos minutes before the meeting, Kathy facilitated the meeting like a pro and the fun and laughter common to Goldmine meetings began.   
Gerry, our Jokemaster, let us in on the fact that seniors use acronyms also. They were very funny but a couple were pretty long – IFBICGU….You see what I mean.  No wonder I can’t remember them.  I guess I had a senior moment!! 

Sonny, our grammarian and birthday boy, shared the word Opine.  I opine that it would have been a lot easier to use the word if it was posted.  Oh well, it was his birthday so we gave him a pass. 

Accustomed to dealing with buffoonery of summer campers, Kathy felt right at home and kept things moving by introducing our Ballot counter and Timer, followed by  Thomas, a fellow Camp Leader and our Table Topics  Facilitator.

Table Topic
“What will you miss most about summer?”
The hot weather, cold drinks, ice cream, swimming and outside activities. 
“Why has July been so rainy?”
Steve rambled in a very dramatic voice, but Goldminers are still awaiting the answer to this question.
“What won’t you miss about summer?”
Mosquitoes and the humidity.

 Table Topics Winner:  Georgia

Kathy then introduced the following individuals who delivered prepared speeches:
·         Sam       Re-Thing” (CC Manual, Project #4)  - Our ancestors didn’t have Green Thing; They had
                      a Re-Thing: Reuse, Repair Recycle.

·         Cynthia Thank you Power” by Deborah Norville (Specialty Speeches – Read out loud Project
                       #4) - The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.
                       Eric   Hoffer

Best Prepared Speech:  Sam

Joyce, our General Evaluator, called on the following individuals to complete evaluations:
·         Serena  evaluated Sam
·         Jay evaluated Cynthia

Best Evaluator:  Jay
Ah Stick:  Sonny

Business Meeting (led by Serena Edwards):
·         Officer Induction & Awards Banquet – Saturday August 10, 6-9 pm @ Union St. Bistro
·         District 37 Fall Conference, Embassy Suites Hotel, Cary NC, Oct 25-27
·          Next week’s roles review

Meeting ended @ 9:55 am.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Meeting on July 27

Serena Edwards, President, opened the meeting as Presiding Officer. Alex Porter shared a Thought and introduced Sam Mullis who led the meeting today as the Toastmaster. The theme of the meeting was "The Constitution." 

Jessica Keyes gave us a joke. The wordmaster was Steve Boles. The word of the day was "vernacular." The ah bell/ballot counter was John Shepherd and Jessica Keyes filled the timer role. 

Hal Levin was the Table Topics master. The questions also revolved around the theme of "the Constitution." The table topic participants included:
  • Jay Johnson. Question: "What is it in your 'constitution' that has served you or not served you well?"
  • Alex Porter: Question: "What experience do you associate with your adolescent 'declaration of independence?'"
  • Sunitha Nalla: Question: "Democracy=following rules. What rules do you break?"
Table Topics Winner: Jay Johnson

Prepared speakers:
  • Dale Wagstaff. "Allen's Popeye Brand Spinach" from Communicating on Video manual
  • Joyce Preston. "Love at First Sight" from Storytelling manual
 Best Speaker: Dale Wagstaff
The General Evaluator was Mike Hall who introduced Kathy Kombol to evaluate Dale Wagstaff and Serena Edwards who evaluated Joyce Preston.

Best Evaluator: Kathy Kombol
Ah Stick: Kathy Kombol

Business Session:
  • Dues are due!
  • Awards Banquet is August 10 at Union Street Bistro from 6 to 9 p.m. Cost: $26 each.
  • Fall Conference is Oct. 25-27 at Embassy Suites in Cary, NC


Friday, August 2, 2013


            Since many members were traveling or attending training sessions in Charlotte , first time Toastmaster of the Day Hal Levin had a hard time getting roles filled, but fill them he did. Hal did a great job at the podium and filled us with many historical anecdotes from 1969, particularly Apollo 11.
            Al Minter served as Presiding Officer, Ballot Counter, And Table Topics Speaker (Of course I would buy a used car from Little Stevie Boles and Car Max.)  
            Richard Archer served as Jokemaster, Word Master, and Table Topics Speaker (Softball is a great way to break your leg.)
            Sam Mullis was Thinker of the Day and Table Topics Master.
            Alex Porter timed and answered a Table Topic. (Jury is still out on traitor/whistle blower Snowden.)
            Hal was also called upon by Sam to tell us if the moon landing was a fake, was there really a Coke can on the moon in the famous photo?”
            John Shepherd did a Table Topic on eating hot dogs at half time. He also served as General Evaluator.
            Dale Wagstaff spoke from the Humorously Speaking Manual giving good advice on making decisions and Steve Boles did a great job evaluating Dale’s presentation.
Best Speaker: Dale Wagstaff
Best Evaluator: Steve Boles
Best Table Topic Speaker: Richard Archer
Ah Stick: Hal Levin
Ironic fact #1: Hal misspelled Sam Mullis’ name on the program as Sam Mullins.
Sam mispronounced Hal’s name as Hal LEVin rather than Hal LeVIN.
Ironic Fact #2: Richard told a golf joke on John Shepherd…the same joke John told against Richard the previous week when Richard was absent.   
Quote of the day. “How lucky you are to have a deaf man as word master.”  R. Archer
Author:   Sharon Davis