Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 6 roomful of stars

July 6, 2013, the stars were out for Goldmine Toastmasters at 8:31 in the morning!  Presiding officer Serena called the meeting to order, and that was a task!  Hal’s thought of the day “Good judgment comes from experience; experience comes from poor judgment” made US think. After the pledge, he gave control (using the term loosely) to our Toastmaster of the day, Steve.  (Whoop, whoop!)  He eventually told us that July is national blueberry month, ice Cream month, AND national hot dog month; but that Saturday was National Chicken Wing Day!  Many famous people were born in July, including our own Georgia!
Cynthia, obviously known by Bubba since he seems to know all the important people, made us laugh with her Bubba joke.
Table Topic Master Jessica gave Thomas the opportunity to explain why if he had to change professions, he’d rather be a coach than a welder, since coaching (probably soccer) was so closely related to teaching.  Phyl explained how the office shared by a crossing guard and miner could be called ”Obey or Die,” since the miner could dig graves for those who did not follow the crossing guard’s instructions. Georgia shared insights on the challenges of being a gardener, especially keeping those pesky horses from eating all your grass, which of course you would have to hope would get enough rain….seems little doubt of the rain adequacy this past few weeks! Matthew had to fess up to having wanted to be a Navy sailor, but having never told anyone.  Hey, Matthew, your secret’s safe with us…ALL of us…and a few others who might read it here…
Prepared speeches were given by Alex and Bill.  Alex had us wondering what Jane and John would have said about how we all sometimes take our responsibilities as citizens too lightly.  He persuaded us that we should be an informed voter and possibly even file for an office (showing us that according to the local paper, filing opened this past week). Bill gave us “Overtime,” sharing insights from many parts of his life that has convinced him that being an advocate of fairness and justice was an appropriate goal for his post-retirement life, along with an exquisite appreciation for the non-ordinary, which would include having some “useless” time each Sunday morning, when we are not contributing to the GDP for an hour or so.
Dale, who suggested the phrase “fail forward,” coordinated our evaluators, John and Richard who evaluated Alex’s and Bill’s speeches, respectively.  Sharon reported about use of the word pedantic. Steve used it the most, but we all agreed that Goldmine meetings are seldom pedantic. Joyce was able to report that everyone was within their time limits, so the voting concluded and Mike gave Bill the best speaker award (and recipient of the Ah Stick), John was best evaluator, and Thomas was best table topics speaker.
 Our visitor Blanche (Joyce’s mother-in-law) probably wondered what we put in our coffee, but she had a good time, and commented on how we made it look easy!
Our business session included reminders for as many officers as possible (and anyone else interested) to sign up to go to the TLI July 20 (go to D37 website).  We also did final planning for the Saturday July 13 Tall Tales and Homemade Ice Cream contest.  See you all there!!

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