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Goldmine Meeting June 29, 2013

June 29, 2013
            We were small in numbers but we were big in fun. Two visitors, Jay Johnson and Wilfred Ruck, performed three meeting roles between them and walked off with two coveted prizes as well. Wilfred was Jokemaster, Timer, and Ah Stick Winner, Jay was Grammarian and Table topics winner. Had we presented such an award, Sybil Ruck would have easily taken home most attractive visitor.
            Other members present were: Joyce Preston, Presiding Officer and Prepared Speaker; Al Minter, Thought of the Day Presenter and Prepared Speaker; Alex Porter, Toastmaster of the Day; Kathy Kombol, Ballot Counter and Table Topic Speaker; Sam Mullis, Table Topics Master; Steve Boles, Speech Evaluator; John Shepherd, Speech Evaluator; and Gerry Fenner, Table topics Speaker and General Evaluator.  Gerry was a good sport for she took on the role of General Evaluator  at the last minute, taking the place of Hu Gno, who didn’t show because his wife, Ho Gno, said , “Oh no, you can’t go, Hu.” Actually, the Toastmaster was relieved when Hu didn’t show, for Hu & Ho were both figments of his imagination, he just didn’t want the leave a blank on the agenda.
            Sam, in keeping with the Independence Day holiday, asked Patriotic questions.
Jay Johnson, in telling us about “The Bill of Rights” somehow got off into Catherine the Great’s legacy of giving legal rights to common citizens in czarist Russia . He is a man who can truly shoot bull and get away with it. He should consider going to Washington .
            Kathy Kombol proved to be very good at B.S. as well, rambling on about her understanding of the Fifth Amendment. Sadly, I wonder how many judges’, senators’, and bureaucrats’ understanding of the Fifth Amendment might also be based upon watching TV cop shows.
            Gerry Fenner struggled valiantly and mightily about the Freedom of the Press. She was visibly relieved when her green timing light appeared and took it all in good-humored stride.
            Both Joyce and Al presented captivating talks. Joyce’s was entitled “Resiliency.” She spoke from the Competent Communicator Manual, project 2, Organize your Speech.
She told us, “Sometimes life’s lessons can be found in the simplest of objects.” Joyce told us the rubber bands have taught her to focus on results, make lessons of failures, and support or reinforce each other.
            Al gave us an Ice Breaker, “Who I Am,” explaining how different people in his life made him disciplined, diverse in interests, and compassionate. He owes it all to the nuns at Catholic school, his father, and his mother.
            Steve Boles evaluated
            Best Speaker: Al Minter
            Best Evaluator: John Shepherd

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